Finished Slabs

Wood Slab Processing

When first cut, this freshly cut timber contains around 70%-80% moisture. Our lumber mill then air dries the wood slabs to reduce the moisture to 25% to 30%. Next it is Kiln Dried to reduce the moisture to about 12% for use as our barn doors and table tops.  After planning, sanding, and shipping, the moisture increases slightly.  All properly dried wood slabs can still develop surface checks and small cracks.

Some of our wood slabs are 1 piece of wood...while others are 2 or more pieces that are joined together.  The 1-piece wood slabs are the most expensive.  Widths of the wood slabs range from approx. 34 inches wide to over 42 inches wide. Heights (or lengths) of the slabs are 7 feet or 8 feet. Thickness is approximately 50mm or approx., 2 inches thick.

Many of our wood slabs include a steel rod inserted into the wood slabs at about 6 inches from each end of the slab.  These rods are plugged with a wood plug on each edge, and they help ensure that the wood slab resists splits, and stays flat.

Finished Wood Slabs

Finished wood slabs are available in a clear Urethane factory finish. The 2 ends of the factory finished wood slabs are NOT finished (coated) with a urethane so that the wood slab can breathe.

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