Invisible Sliding Hardware Kit

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The Invisible Sliding Door System is an innovative sliding door system for wood or MDF doors. This product integrates the magic of architectural minimalism and the smoothness of a highly tested and proven system.

The Invisible Sliding Door System is available in two sizes – for doors up to 43” wide, and doors up to 70” wide.  The track mounts on the back side of the door.  2 soft close mechanisms are included. The bottom of the door slab will be 10mm (3/8” approx.) above the floor.  

This hardware system is not suggested for any type of thick or semi-heavy carpet.  Tile and hardwood floors work best.

Each hardware kit in individually boxed with complete installation instructions and all fasteners and hardware.

Product Details:

  • More than 2 inches (50mm) of damping soft-close motion. This system integrates new patented dampers with 50 mm of braking motion.
  • Dampers with adjustable positioning Dampers are designed to be independent from wall-spacer wheels. They're suitable to be moved inside the track to allow door positioning adjustment.
  • Wall-spacer wheels. Wheels are positioned on the door extremities, to protect the door from wall contact, when the wall surface is not perfectly flat.
  • Patented adjustment system This system integrates following door adjustments:
  1. Door height adjustment from floor
  2. Distance adjustment of door from wall
  3. Adjustment of door parallelism from wall
  4. Door adjustments of wall distance and parallelism, are meant to compensate possible irregularities of wall. All adjustments are available in the top of sliding trolley, without removing the door.
  • Practical anti-jumping system includes two turning anti-jumping activation elements, equipped with two safety levers, easy to rotate with no tools required. Safety levers, clearly visible, are to be removed once anti-jumping system is activated.
  • Silent lower guide. With the purpose of improving sliding quality, the reinforced lower guide uses coated Zamak metal (reliable and versatile) sliding in a silent plastic profile.
  • Patented bottom wheels designed for a better sliding Bottom wheels are equipped with a patented suspension spring system, with a larger diameter, bigger bearings and steel pivots. Rubber surface reinforced wheels improves sliding quality. The rubber does not leave any trace or sign on sliding surface like floors and walls and it does not deform over time.

 ***NOTE*** To completely cover a door opening and completely expose the opening (with the door in the OPEN position), the door slab should always be 3 inches taller than the opening and 7-1/2” wider than the door opening. Door slab has to be higher (taller) than the opening so that the track (mounted on the back of the door) and the trolley (mounted on the wall) are hidden from view. 

For example – if the door opening is 80 inches tall and 28 inches wide, then the door should be 83 inches tall minimum and 35-1/2 inches wide minimum.  OR if the door opening is 96 inches tall and 36 inches wide, then the door slab should be 99 inches tall and 43 inches wide.

If purchased with a BarnDoorz door, hardware price includes installation into the ordered door! 

If using own door, please note:

  1. Doors must be at least 1-3/8” thick (35mm) and up to 2-1/4” (57mm) thick. 
  2. Doors must be less than 175 lbs. (80 kg).

Hardware has a 1-year warranty


For all doors, Liftgate services are included. **FEDEX Freight delivers curbside. Assembled doors arrive in a large box. Customers are responsible for transporting the door package from delivery truck to location.

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