This live edge door slab is two pieces of solid wood that has been Kiln Dried. Slab is finished in a clear Urethane factory finish. The 2 ends of the factory finished wood slabs are NOT finished (coated) with a urethane so that the wood slab can breathe.This slab includes a steel rod inserted into the wood at about 6 inches from each end. These rods are plugged with a wood plug on each edge, and they help ensure that the wood slab resists splits, and stays flat.

Our live edge wood slabs can be used as a barn door paired with our barn door hardware or as a table top. **If you purchase our barn door hardware with these slabs, we will pre-drill holes for the hardware.

Species: Raintree (Albizia Saman)

Thickness: 1.97"

Length: 84-3/16"

End 1 Width: 39-1/4"

Middle Width: 35-1/2"

End 2 Width: 39-5/8"

All slabs are ready to ship as is. Slabs ship out next business day via FedEx Freight. 

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