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It’s no secret that we’re big fans of barn doors (I mean, it’s right there in our name). Why do we love them so much? For starters, a beautiful sliding barn door is an elegant way to upgrade any room in your home. Plus, they’re customizable and simple to install, so it’s easy to start enjoying the perfect addition to your decor in no time. Our latest barn door product spotlight is a combination of two of our most popular products: our Lynwoo… Read more
Lighting is probably one of the most important steps of the interior design process. Think about it. Without adequate lighting, no one would be able to see the beautiful new sliding barn doors you just installed in your den or the wallpaper you mulled over for hours before settling on. And while lighting serves the ever-important function of allowing your guests to see all of the work you put into redecorating your space, it plays an eve… Read more
What is Boho Farmhouse Design? In the last few years, farmhouse design gained popularity for its comfortable, simple look and natural elements like plants and exposed wood. The style gives off a relaxed vibe that feels like a farmhouse in the country. Recently there is a new variation of farmhouse style called boho farmhouse. Traditional farmhouse design incorporates a mix of neutral colors and soft fabrics but when creating a boho f… Read more
Once you've made the decision to redecorate and redesign a space in your home, the wheels in your mind start turning almost immediately. Color schemes, furniture styles, and lighting dance through your minds...but then, here comes the budget bursting your bubble and bringing you back to reality. Setting a budget doesn't have to be a buzzkill, though. In fact, it's probably the most important step of the design process, as your budget det… Read more

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