A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Urban Design

A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Urban Design

Nov 10th 2021

An urban-inspired interior design consists of an ideal blend of different elements, such as rustic, mid-century, and modern. If you have remodeled your home before, you may already be familiar with these common terms used in interior designing.

The urban design concept is an ode to the 18th century Industrial Revolution. For the same reason, it is also popular as an "industrial design."

The idea of this interior design originated from city lofts and warehouses. In old times, people used to transform these spaces into homes. Even today, people love urban design from all across the world because of its perfect fusion of classic-modern elements.

Soft, Warm, and Unique

An urban design may have industrial roots, but it doesn't have to be entirely like that. You need to add a softer touch to it, such as warm tones and comfortable soft furnishings. The ideal urban housing style focuses on bringing out coziness and sleekness simultaneously.

Add some plush rugs or furniture to the sophisticated design to make your rooms more inviting and unique.

Nowadays, velvet is the most demanded in the upholstery world. So you can play a little and go for furniture having a beautiful combination of metal legs and velvet upholstery.

A Balance of Neutrals Tones and Metallic Hues

Urban design is all about bringing a relaxing, lived-in charm to your life. It needs to be sleekly decorated with complementing furniture and has a soothing serenity. To attain this vibe, you need to add neutrals and warm hues to your home.

For example, go for neutral-toned thick rugs, pillows, throws, and sofas. Opt for white, grey, or wooden tones for floorings to get more out of your urban interior design concept.

If you want to add some deeper hues in your rooms, the urban design is flexible enough to let you do that too.

Put some side chairs, stools, and mirrors in metallic tones in every room of your home. This creates a gorgeous combination of warm and deep hues — just what an ideal urban design needs.

Create a Flow Between the Rooms

The key to achieving the perfect urban design is creating a flow between all the rooms of your home. Of course, you don't want every room to look the same, but consistency would be nice to bring everything together.

There are several ways to do so. For instance, you can go for a common color, either for the walls, furnishings, or floorings. Alternatively, you can buy similar textures or patterns of furniture, rugs, or pillows.

All of these ideas can help you sync rooms with one another.

Add Oversized Décor With Smaller Ones

Introducing some oversized decor pieces with petite ones elevates the essence of an urban-modern design. Doing so also reduces the worries of buying several furniture pieces.

You can simply throw some bright-toned small pieces with bigger ones to create an aesthetically pleasing style.

Remember that playing with the scale is a little tricky. You can't mix too big pieces with the small ones as it will disturb the continuity of your theme. So just stay low-key and mix and match without getting too obvious.

Introduce Urban-Modern Accessories

If you are a nature lover but want to keep the industrial vibe alive, you can put plants at different spots. It keeps the entire home refreshed and brings in color without spending much.

Of course, you can't just fill in your rooms with unnecessary vintage and modern accessories. Instead, go to a thrift store and find decorative pieces that are meaningful to your theme.

You can easily find vintage artwork, curtains, and mini showpieces. Just make sure to get ones that compliment the wall color and the urban-modern style you want to create.

Make Your Own Statement

An urban-modern design is incomplete without creativity. Even though you have already added sleek, luxurious decor items, you need to include specific statement pieces in each room.

This means every room must have something that everyone notices unintentionally.

It could be a unique art piece, boldly patterned furnishings, vibrant colored showpiece, or aesthetic lighting.

Traditional Barn Doors

An urban design makes everything look good. Since it includes vintage and modern elements, you can beautify the rooms with traditional but gorgeous interior doors. For instance, check Barndoorz's gorgeous sliding barn doors collection.

These classic yet functional barn doors are exactly what you need to complete your urban house design.

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Our rustic and modern barn doors complement every interior design style, especially the urban-modern one.