Door And Hardware Spotlight: Palo Duro Barn Door + Brooklyn Pull Handle

Door And Hardware Spotlight: Palo Duro Barn Door + Brooklyn Pull Handle

Oct 25th 2022

Barn doors aren’t just for the outdoors anymore. At, we offer premium sliding barn doors that can make your home’s interior shine just as well as the exterior. Take our Palo Duro barn door, for instance. Its rustic design is the perfect stylistic feature for your home, and it’s sturdy and durable enough to last for years. It combines perfectly with the Brooklyn barn door pull handle, with its sleek design but rustic wrought iron finish. Learn more in our barn door product spotlight of the day.

The Palo Duro Barn Door

Our Palo Duro barn door is designed with a solid engineered core for extra durability, but you don’t have to miss out on the rustic beauty of authentic wood. One or both sides of this door are layered with planks of real Canadian pine, beautifully laid out and stained. The 1 ½” thick edges of the door are painted black for a sleek touch that pairs well with the natural look. It slides on classic wrought iron rolling hardware. This door is built to last and to look great while it does so.

Benefits of the Palo Duro Barn Door:

  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Takes up less space than a hinged door
  • Easy to install
  • Adds a rustic touch to the room

The Brooklyn Barn Door Pull Handle

The right door needs the right door handle. For the Palo Duro barn door, one excellent door handle companion is the brooklyn barn door pull handle. This 12” long door handle is simple in its design, but made with real wrought iron and given a black finish. The minimalist design takes nothing away from the beauty of the door, but adds convenience and even complements the black edges of the Palo Duro barn door. And all handles, including the Brooklyn pull handle, can be ordered individually, separate from the door itself.

Benefits of the Brooklyn Barn Door Pull Handle:

  • Made with real wrought iron
  • Sleek, simplistic design
  • Pairs well with BarnCraft barn doors

How To Install the Palo Duro Barn Door & Brooklyn Barn Door Pull Handle

To install the Palo Duro barn door, you’ll want to first invest in a hardware kit. This provides the rolling hardware that will hold the door up. You can take your pick from the hardware kit options on Choose the doorway for your Palo Duro barn door and drill holes into the wall as laid out in the manufacturing instructions. Once the holes are in place, you can install the hardware kit, as well as screws, washers, and spacers.

Next take out the Brooklyn pull handle. Following the manufacturing instructions, drill holes and install the door handle to the door. Then drill holes in the top of the door corresponding with the hardware. Add the rollers and anti-jump discs to the top of the door. Finally, you can mount the door on the track and use a floor guide on the bottom to keep the run smooth.

Test run the door by sliding it along the track from left to right. You may need to tighten the stoppers once that’s done. After that, your Palo Duro barn door with your Brooklyn barn door pull handle will be fully installed. offers premium BarnCraft barn doors and hardware at prices that are just as beautiful. Sign up today to learn more or to order your Palo Duro barn door or other BarnCraft doors and hardware.