Top Holiday Decorating Trends for 2022

Top Holiday Decorating Trends for 2022

Nov 22nd 2022

The holidays are a perfect time to transform your home into a wonderland that’s filled with eye-catching and enchanting elements. Sure, you can set up a holiday tree and place a wreath on your front door, but there are so many other creative ways to express yourself while celebrating the joy of the season. So, here are some fun, festive, and trendy ways to dress up any room in your home.

4 Holiday Décor Trends for 2022

1. Showcase the Classics

Do you have a lot of old holiday décor that you were maybe a little embarrassed to put out in the past? Well, consider bringing them out for everyone to see, as one of the year’s holiday decorating trends is to use vintage and traditional elements. The beloved and bright holiday colors of red, white, and green can be used to create a warm and inviting environment. Vintage decorations, tableware, and tree ornaments, some of which you might have received from grandparents and parents, can add uniqueness to a space. Even ceramic trees are popular again. And using lights that have a warmer, golden tone rather than a cooler, blue tone can also add to the traditional feel.

2. Incorporate Trendy Colors

If you don’t want to go with classic holiday color schemes, or you want to do something different this year, there are several trends you can use to take your décor to the next level. Consider incorporating metallic accents that can pop against traditional and neutral colors. Pink is also popular this year, and you can even use various shades of purple to take a less traditional approach to your holiday décor. Plus, you can combine these ideas, such as by pairing gold and pink, to dress up your tree or fireplace mantel.

3. Go Natural

This year, consider using nature-inspired pieces to decorate for the holidays. You can do this in myriad ways. For example, you could go outside and bring home elements from the natural world, such as pine cones that you found at the park. A real, rather than artificial, wreath can be hung on your front door to welcome guests. Or, you could use décor that features neutral hues and earthy tones that pair perfectly with deep green and red accents. And if you don’t want to go with a real tree, you could put up a flocked holiday tree that looks like it’s covered in snow. So many options! Plus, this trend offers a wonderful opportunity to take a more sustainable approach to your décor, so definitely consider buying items made from recycled, renewable, and natural materials too.

4. Decorate Your Barn Doors

If you have a sliding barn door anywhere in your home, don’t neglect it while decorating the rest of the space. This can be an easy way to add a focal point that grabs the attention of anyone who walks into the room. And it can be so simple to do, as you can just hang a wreath and use string lights to add warmth and brightness.

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