The 2 Panel Chevron MDF Barn Door features a 1-1/8 inch thick door produced using solid MDF... medium density fiberboard. The MDF BarnCraft Collection is available with a white primed finish, to which you should apply your own paint color. Or you may select one of 19 colors of textured 3D laminates. Textured 3D laminate doors include black “T-moulding” applied to the 2 long vertical edges of the door. Primed white doors do not include this moulding.

MDF doors come with the door design router-carved on both sides of the door. All doors in MDF series are solid and heavy. For safety, please install using two people. 

All barncraft door hardware may be used on these doors.

NOTE: If you are purchasing hardware with the doors in this series, all doors must be pre-drilled for all hardware holes in MDF doors.  The size of the hole varies with what is being mounted onto the MDF door. A clavo will be different from a Vista door pull which will be different from a wrought iron door pull. And all of these will be different from a Gage hardware which is different from a Slade hardware.

We don’t suggest GAGE hardware for MDF doors. The doors are heavy...and the other hardware models such as the SLADE bolt THROUGH the door will provide more strength and support than the GAGE model. If you DO use the GAGE hardware, be sure to drill the pilot hole the correct depth into the top of the door.  The depth of the hole should be approximately ¼” shorter than the length of the screw.

Always drill a pilot hole before you mount your door hardware to prevent mushrooming or chipping out of the MDF surface.  Drilling will create a fine dust, so always wear a respirator and eye protection. If the mounting bolt is going all the way through the MDF door, then the diameter of the hole must be slightly LARGER than the diameter of the bolt being used. If you are mounting decorative door hardware such as clavos or a metal door strap, then the diameter of the pilot hole should be slightly less than the diameter of the screw being used.

*All doors in this series are available assembled only. FedEx Freight delivers curbside. Fully built doors arrive in large box. Customers are responsible for transporting the door package from delivery truck to location. 

BarnCraft Barn Doors are meant to be used in a sliding function only, and in interior applications. 


For all doors, Liftgate services are included. **FEDEX Freight delivers curbside. Assembled doors arrive in a large box. Customers are responsible for transporting the door package from delivery truck to location.


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    My wife picked out this door and all the features and hardware to go with it. Overall the door is very heavy and the hardware looks great. I assumed the door would be predrilled to fit the hardware and was disappointed it wasn’t. I think given that it’s made of MDF and not solid wood it’s tricky to drill it and not mess up the board. I would have preferred a solid wood door or a predrilled MDF door for the price. Your company was easy to work with and the finished product looks good.

    Joseph Wells
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    The barn door selection and ordering online were both terrific. The time to delivery and the quality of the door were both excellent. I was horrified by the packaging, though. The enormous delivery box was filled with foam, impossible to separate from the cardboard and impossible to recycle.

    T Chapman
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    Very well built high quality door. Extremely sturdy. Very well packaged and protected. True and straight.

    Jeffrey C. Egan

2 Panel Chevron Barn Door

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