​ 3 Design Ideas to Add Character & Charm to Your Home

​ 3 Design Ideas to Add Character & Charm to Your Home

May 23rd 2023

A home should reflect the owner's personality and style. Slight changes to your decor can greatly impact your home’s overall appearance. The desired result is a more welcoming and inviting home whenever you return to it. These additions can also increase your home’s value if you consider putting it up for sale. Here is further insight into several design ideas that infuse character and charm into your home.

Add Architectural Details

You can improve the character and charm of your home by adding details that create depth and visual interest. Adding architectural details such as wainscoting and barn doors can complement the home’s interior design and overall aesthetics. Wainscoting is a decorative element that involves paneling the lower part of a wall using wood or tile. This architectural detail adds visual interest to an otherwise plain space. Also, you get to keep your walls free from dents and scratches that arise from pushing furniture against them.

Barn doors are also a versatile, functional, and attractive addition to your home. These sliding doors add a minimalistic and rustic element to a room, thus enhancing the space’s character and charm. Barn doors are available in various styles, from traditional to modern, and are customizable to suit your home’s unique interior design.

Create Focal Points

Adding a focal point is an effective way to draw attention and create a unique character in your space. These focal points can be anything that stands out or catches the eye of those in the room. For instance, painting a wall with a bold color adds depth and dimension to a room while functioning as its statement piece. Depending on the color chosen, you can also create a sense of drama and excitement.

Another great focal point is adding a statement piece of furniture to your home. Choose pieces of furniture with a striking design, bold color, or both. Having such elements helps anchor the room's overall design and also serves as a conversation starter.

Decorate With Unique Items

Adding unique decorative pieces to your home decor reflects your personality and style. Unique items such as vintage or antique pieces, handmade items, and one-of-a-kind art can add a special touch to your room. These items can tell a story while evoking a sense of nostalgia.

You can incorporate these items in various ways in your home. For instance, You can frame vintage maps and hang on them on a wall or use them as table runners. For handcrafted items such as textiles, pottery, and statues, consider displaying them on top of shelves and bookcases. Alternatively, they can be functional pieces for holding stationary in your home office and cutlery in your kitchen or pantry.

Choose BarnDoorz

Adding architectural details, creating focal points, and decorating with unique items are some of the ways you can infuse character and charm into your home. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with these insightful design ideas when creating a space that matches your personality and style.

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