​ 3 Kitchen Design Ideas to Consider in Your Next Kitchen Remodel

​ 3 Kitchen Design Ideas to Consider in Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Are you looking to remodel your kitchen layout into a contemporary and elegant design that will leave your extended family and friends green with envy every time they visit?

A new kitchen design could reignite activity in the area — especially the frequency in preparing homemade meals — and boost the resale value of your home. Being an area exposed to extreme conditions (heat, moisture, chemical compounds, etc.), kitchen elements are susceptible to fast deterioration, making your once stylish kitchen lose its aesthetic appeal.

The good thing is you don't have to break the bank to completely remodel your kitchen layout. We have put together a few affordable design ideas that'll have your kitchen looking like a million bucks — literally.


Lighting is one of the most overlooked elements when remodeling a kitchen. Here's what most people don't know: regular incandescent light bulbs are not as energy-efficient and long-lasting as LED bulbs. In fact, LED bulbs use up to 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Depending on your taste, LED lights can be customized to complement your overall kitchen's theme. From orbs and pendants to kitchenware-inspired cutouts, there are endless lighting designs homeowners can select from to beautify and revitalize their kitchen.

Concrete Floors Coated With Epoxy

Because of their durability and cost efficiency, concrete floors are one of the most widely installed flooring systems worldwide. However, when it comes to customizable designs for your kitchen interior, there ain't a lot to choose from in this regard. Enter Epoxy coats.

Epoxy coats are coatings that are decorative and highly durable and made of customizable synthetic resin that can be applied over even surfaces.

Because they are air-tight and have a glossy surface when cured, this flooring system — used in food processing companies — can lock out spills and stains to the surface so they can easily be cleaned with a dry cloth. Overlaying your concrete floor with a film of epoxy can extend the concrete slab's life and have your kitchen looking shiny even after a long time.

Shutters as a window covering

If the window over your sink gets direct sunlight, you may find yourself having to do dishes with sunglasses on. Instead, consider this a great opportunity to install customize our double barn doors as window shutters! The shutters can provide style and privacy, save on energy costs, and can be made to fit any window space.

The X blackboard barn door for your pantry door

Sliding barn-style doors represent a functional, stylish alternative to swinging doors for narrow and closed-off areas — like a pantry. Because they don't open into the room, barn doors give homeowners more space to move around inside the pantry as well as more space to erect shelves without the fear of a swinging door colliding with — and possibly crashing into — items stored in the pantry.

The X blackboard barn door adds even more functionality and style to your kitchen's interior. With this remodel design taking the center of attraction in your kitchen, you never have to memorize what supplies you're short on and rack your brain every time you're on a grocery run — just chalk it down to the blackboard!

The professionals at Barndoorz will advise you on the best design that fits your new kitchen layout, deliver it to you, and install it in your pantry — all for free.