​ 5 Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

​ 5 Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

Jun 2nd 2021

Everyone has a unique style, so there are many parts of the design process that are wide-open for your creative ideas. However, there are a few design mistakes that actually tend to get in the way of your own vision, leaving you frustrated. To avoid these mistakes, however, just takes a little planning and care!

1. Too much matching or too many patterns

In a very all-or-nothing way, people sometimes choose an entire set of furniture in a single style, making the room look sterile or like a store display. On the other hand, excited home designers may also want to include every patterned throw pillow, lampshade, and wall hanging that speaks to them.

It's key to pick a color scheme or style that is harmonious and fits your own flare, but not to have 10 or 20 different competing patterns. At the same time, branch out at least a little from the matched sets you find at the store - you can buy a few matched pieces, just make sure you're also making them your own.

2. Pressing all furniture up against the walls

Whenever a room can handle it, the space tends to appear roomier when you pull the furniture away from the walls. It's nice to feel like you have some space to move around the furniture in a couple of different ways, especially in spaces that will be used for entertaining.

3. Choosing for looks alone, not comfort or use

It's easy to get focused on how a room will appear and forget that every chair should be comfortable, you shouldn't have to push a mountain of pillows away to sit down, and you'll want to have some tables and other flat surfaces for setting drinks and other items.

Spend just as much time envisioning how you'll spend time in your space and how comfortable you or your guests will feel there as you spend considering what will look best. Life's too short for an uncomfortable couch, even if it looks good!

4. Picking paint, wallpaper, or wall hangings too early

While there are certainly rooms where the walls are the focus, remember that the sky is the limit with what you put on your walls. As such, don't commit too early to what they'll look like: pick your furniture and flooring and let the paint color or art prints add to the look.

Choosing the wall color too early can box you in, making it harder to find the right furniture for the room. Especially if you want to have a statement piece or a particularly nice piece of furniture, it'd be tough to realize that it clashes with the walls and you need to change it.

5. Not enough lighting options

You'd be surprised how much the natural light can affect what you need to make a room look great. Make sure your ceiling lighting is at the right height, and supplement it with tabletop or stand-alone lamps. Giving your room options for different lighting levels can really make it more versatile!

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