5 Tips for Maximizing Space in a Small Bedroom

5 Tips for Maximizing Space in a Small Bedroom

Mar 7th 2023

The bedroom provides a relaxing place to rest and revitalize after a busy day. Huge bedrooms accommodate small offices, sitting space, walk-in closets, and impressive artwork. A small bedroom, however, presents a challenge as it limits the amount of furniture, accessories, and clothing we can add. How can we maximize comfort with the space we’re given? Here are 5 stylish décor tips to optimize our small spaces.

Use Built-in Underbed Storage

One of the most common challenges with small bedrooms is finding enough storage space. One of the best ways to solve this problem involves utilizing built-in under-bed storage. A bed with built-in storage drawers allows us to conveniently access and utilize the space underneath the bed. They are great for storing extra clothing, bedding, and other accessories.

Utilize Multifunctional Furniture

Using multifunctional furniture is one of the best ways to optimize space in a small bedroom. They include futons, daybeds, storage ottomans, bookcases, folding dining tables, and side tables. Futons and daybeds are ideal for spaces as they take up little square footage. Storage ottomans are a unique addition serving as a footrest, bench, storage chest, and coffee table.

Folding dining tables are adjustable furniture that goes beyond the dining room. Meanwhile, bookcases expand our storage options, providing an excellent vertical space for holding books, TVs, vases, portraits, and decorations. Side tables are versatile as they can act as a coffee table, nightstand, laptop table, snack table, and accent stand. Furniture that serves more than one purpose helps save space while improving functionality.

Use Light and Bright Coloring

Picking the right color scheme can make a big difference in small bedrooms. Light and bright colors can make your bedroom feel more spacious and airier. Pastels, creams, and shades of white are great choices as they reflect light and make the room feel brighter. Adding layers of white with different textures and patterns of white-on-white helps keep your small bedroom warm and adds personality. We can also use bolder colors for our bedding or curtains that serve as accents.

Use Wall Niche and Incorporate Loft Living

A wall niche is a great way to add storage space and create a focal point in your bedroom. A niche is a recessed wall area that we can use to store items and showcase decorative objects. We can create additional living space for small bedrooms with high ceilings by incorporating loft living. It involves building a loft area above the bed as an extra storage space, workspace, or reading nook. The wall niche and loft are unique solutions for optimizing space.

Install a Sliding Barn Door

Installing a sliding barn door is another way to maximize space in a small bedroom. Barn doors take up less space than the conventional hinged door because they slide along the wall instead of swinging open. Barn doors help free up valuable floor space in our bedroom and make it feel more open and spacious.

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