5 Tips for Using Mirrors in Your Home Decor

 5 Tips for Using Mirrors in Your Home Decor

We use mirrors when we’re putting on makeup, shaving, or trying on an outfit. But a mirror can be more than a personal grooming tool. Mirrors can brighten a space, cover up eyesores, and enhance overlooked areas like closets.

1. Brightening a Space

Some rooms just don’t get enough natural light. It’s possible to compensate by adding various light fixtures, but too many light fixtures make a room feel cluttered. Instead, try placing a mirror where it will reflect whatever light sources the room already has. We’ve found this to be a simple way to make a room brighter and more pleasant. Plus, it’s easy to adjust the mirror’s placement to get the exact right amount of light.

2. Making a Room Feel Bigger

Mirrors create the illusion of more space, making whatever room they’re installed in feel bigger than it really is. This is handy for guest rooms, closets, and other rooms that tend to run on the small side. When working with limited space, consider installing mirrors on doors. A small room may not have wall space for a full-length mirror. The back of a door, on the other hand, is rarely used for decor and makes a great place to install a mirror. A large door, like the Beverly Modern Barn Door, is ideal for this.

3. Enhancing the Outdoors

Mirrors don’t just make rooms feel roomier. They can also improve the view in a backyard or other outdoor space. If you have a firepit, try positioning a mirror so that it catches the light from the fire. This creates a lovely visual effect and provides an additional light source at night.

4. Covering Up Eyesores

We’ve all had things in our house that we wished weren’t there. Electrical panels are a common issue. They’re necessary, sure, but no one has ever been impressed by a beautiful electrical panel. Alternatively, what if there’s a waterstain or some chipped paint that you just haven’t had time to fix yet? Simple: Cover it up with a mirror. When you do fix the issue, all you have to do is take the mirror back down.

5. Sprucing Up Closets

Closets are an easily overlooked part of home decor. However, that doesn’t mean we should dismiss them. Since we keep clothes in our closets anyways, why not install a mirror nearby for trying on outfits? One elegant option is to put a standing mirror across from the closet. If you want to maximize space, hang a mirror on the closet door instead. For closets with sliding barn doors, such as the Santa Monica Modern Barn Door, a mirror can be installed on one or both sides. Add a nice frame, and the mirror becomes a work of art.

Mirrors are versatile and easy to incorporate into home decor. While we think our barn doors make a great place to install mirrors, they can be placed almost anywhere to wow guests and enhance your home.