​ 5 Ways to Refreshen Your Home This Spring

​ 5 Ways to Refreshen Your Home This Spring

Mar 21st 2023

Spring is finally upon us. As the weather gets warmer and flowers bloom, it’s hard to ignore the optimism. The new season represents transformations and fresh starts. We get to eliminate the clutter and breath new life into our homes. Refreshing our homes comes with a sense of renewal, energy, and motivation. Here are five easy ways we can spruce up our homes this spring.

Start With Spring Cleaning

The tradition of spring cleaning allows us to tidy up and freshen our homes before updating our seasonal decor. Cleaning the home’s nooks and crannies is a great way to awaken it from its long wintry slumber. With the right deep-cleaning schedule, this task doesn’t have to be too difficult.

A spring cleaning checklist helps us stay organized and reminds us of areas needing special attention. For instance, we can brush over recently cleaned areas to allow better focus on neglected rooms over the winter season.

Add Some Flowers

Whenever I think about spring, flowers come to mind. Fresh flowers embody spring as they help create an airy and warm ambiance. To add fragrance and color to a home, consider putting a simple vase of fresh flowers at the center of a dining table or beside a fireplace. Examples of flowers in full bloom during spring to try out include:

  • Roses
  • Tulips
  • Daisies
  • Lilies

Update Fabrics

Spring is the right time to eliminate all wintery items, then replace them with light and bright fabric. Silk, cotton, and linen are the most appropriate material for warmer weather since they allow proper air circulation. This feature prevents heat from getting trapped within the fabrics, keeping your home and body cool. Also, bright blue, yellow, or pink colored fabrics inspire the thought of sunshine and delicate flowers during spring that boost the mood indoors.

Rearrange Furniture

The same old furniture arrangement can start to feel uninteresting. Rather than spending a fortune buying new furniture, a simple act of rearranging the position of furniture brings a fresh perspective to the home. Beginners can use a hands-on approach to visualize and move the furniture after enlisting the help of a strong spouse or friend. Identifying the room’s focal point prevents a chaotic and overwhelming arrangement.

Install a Barn Door

Barn doors are an excellent home addition that comes in various finishes, designs, and styles. During spring, consider going for a neutral, earthy design style with your barn door. A neutral color palette on the barn door makes all the seasonal decor in the room pop. For added visual interest, a mixture of wood tones and texture on the door will give the neutral tone more spice.

Choose Barndoorz

Homes may need a quick makeover after a long bleak winter season. Start the new season by refreshing the home through spring cleaning, adding flowers, updating your fabrics, rearranging the furniture, and installing barn doors. Implementing these tips creates a more welcoming and comfortable living space that matches the beauty of spring. At Barndoorz, we offer a wide selection of barn doors to suit different spring interior designs.