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​ A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Artisan

​ A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Artisan

Feb 3rd 2021

Artisan style shuns mass-produced decor in favor of handmade pieces that are one-of-a-kind. To fill your home with artisan pieces is to fill it with stories: the tale of Indian textile workers using centuries-old methods to weave colorful drapes. Or, the memory of visiting an artist’s loft in Soho and being captivated by a piece of pottery.

Artisan Style Expresses Your Unique Vision

Furnishings that are handmade by an artist express your unique style. You won’t find the same sofa in a hundred chain stores, and you’ll never see it in a friends’ home. This style allows you to create the exact vision you long for: maybe a handmade rug from Thailand in mellow blues, paired with a kitchen table carved from Southern pine.

Such boutique pieces were once available only at sky-high prices or for frequent travelers. But with internet sales, anyone can buy handmade products from far-flung corners of the globe or the U.S.

Each Piece Tells a Story

An artisan might use techniques that have been passed down for centuries. In India, handmade looms were almost extinct until the bright fabrics were discovered and exported throughout the world. Now weavers in small villages might create the wall-hanging in your living room, preserving the way of life for local people.

Or, an artist may use unconventional materials, making it a conversation piece. Lamp bases made of colored Plexiglas or baskets woven from local reeds add interest to your décor.

Artisan Style Is Growing in Popularity

Artisan style is expected to be a hot new design trend. Younger generations are big supporters of fine craftsmanship — from craft breweries to handmade stationery. Millennials appreciate the time invested by artists and buy their wares to express their individuality.

Where to Find Artisan Pieces

You can find artisan pieces in the U.S. at boutiques, craft fairs, or online. Barndoorz has artisan workmanship, including uniquely styled barn doors and hand-forged metal accents that aren’t available anywhere else.

If you’re looking for global goods, it’s important to avoid buying from companies that exploit their workers in impoverished countries. Fair Trade certification is awarded to responsible employers who care about the environment.

How to Tell if It’s Real

Artisan style is deeply authentic. It springs straight from the mind, heart, and fingers of the artist. Unfortunately, knock-offs are sometimes churned out using cheap materials. So, how can you tell if that treasure you found is just a worthless trinket?

First, be aware that artisan pieces aren’t cookie-cutter. No two are alike. You’ll notice small dents, chips, and other imperfections that go along with handcrafting.

Artisan pieces have extra details that can’t be easily mass-produced. These may include tongue-and-groove construction, engraving, or custom welding. Woods may be locally sourced and hand-rubbed with oils to enhance their luster.

Creating a Harmonious Look

If each artisan piece is unique, how do you create a unified look in the home? It’s best to build around a few key pieces, like a dramatic rug, coffee table, or painting. Many artisan pieces use colorful dyes from local plants, so you might want to keep the rest of the room neutral. Natural wood floors, grey or beige walls, and white drapes are an excellent backdrop for bold artisan pieces. Or, try a harmonious color scheme to unify the look.

That doesn’t mean there can’t be a colorful hodgepodge in your home. Artisan design style is unconventional. You can mix a vase from Peru with African fabrics and a maple table from North Carolina. Along the way, you’ll be supporting small businesses and artists.

Artisan Quality at Barndoorz

If you’re looking for artisan doors at Barndoorz, you have a wide variety of choices. Our doors feature the great attention to detail you expect in a craft product. Textured glass, mirrored panels, and cross-planking are just some of the options you can select. Barndoorz is a leader in innovative design, with 21 U.S. patents for door products.

Our White Rock Barn Door has a modern sleekness with rich wood planks in various finishes. Made from sturdy Canadian pine, these doors are heavy, long-lasting, and a stunning focal point in any room.

You’ll find artisan metalwork in our Vertical Iron Plank Barn Door. Unique knotty alder planks are braced by a black steel border. The look is both vintage and industrial.

No matter what door you choose, you can accessorize it with our Royal Barn Door hardware kit. It includes handmade hardware in powder-coated steel.

We can help you design a custom look for your one-of-a-kind artisan décor. Just contact us.

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