Door & Hardware Spotlight: Chevron MDF Two Piece Barn Door + Corona Barn Door Pull Handle

 Door & Hardware Spotlight: Chevron MDF Two Piece Barn Door + Corona Barn Door Pull Handle

Home designs reveal our passions. When you walk from room to room, happiness bursts forth because the design is you, and you are the design. One look at this V-patterned door and stylized fleur-de-lis handle reveals all of that emotion and more.

Our barn door product spotlight duo is the perfect design personification of your artisan talents. It inspires you in your career and your hobbies, creating endless opportunities to put your artistic skills to work. This duo represents the balance of eye-catching art and elegant design, where your home connects on all levels to wonderfully unique interests.

The Chevron MDF Two Piece

Our Chevron MDF Two Piece door has a delightful pattern overlying a sturdy interior. The V’s on the top half draw the eye down, just as the inverted V’s on the bottom half draw the eye up. In the middle they meet as a stylized X, evoking the age-old idea of X marks the spot. The Chevron brings to mind creativity and whimsy, while showing off some impressive and inventive design skills.

Picture this MDF barn door leading the way to your first- or second-floor studio. It has the charm and the complexity to inspire all your artistic talents, whether you’re a skilled maker of ceramics, rugs and textiles, music, poetry, furniture, or another craft. You may also like this door in front of your pantry, where it livens up your kitchen and invigorates your cooking and baking sessions.

Alternately, imagine how beautiful this door would be as a double set. Whether using it for your bedroom, a walk-in closet, or an expansive living room, you’ll feel the creative waves from across the room. The Chevron is a door on a mission to help you fulfill your dreams.

Specifications and Sizing

The Chevron has three layers of medium density fiberboard for a 1 ¼-inch depth. It comes in two pieces for assembly, with each half featuring 5-inch framing to further enhance the Chevron design. We make our doors with patterning on the front side only, so the back of the door has a solid finish. Both sides come with a layer of white primer coating, allowing you to install the door as-is or to apply paint in the color of your choice.

Our Chevron MDF barn door comes in widths ranging from 32 to 48 inches wide. The heights are likewise varied. You might like the 80- or 84-inch door for a pantry or hall closet, while the 96-inch door would make a beautiful statement as the door to your bedroom or grand living room.

The Corona

We love combining the Chevron with the Corona. This lovely wrought iron pull handle is reminiscent of a fleur-de-lis, with its floral back plate on each end complemented by a tapering mid-section. The design evokes continental charm and gives a touch of refinement to its pairing.

Our spotlight duo shines bright, but we also think the Corona would bring exceptional beauty to the Vertical Iron Plank, the Double Z Two Panel, the Craftsman, or another of our many high-quality designs.

Specifications and Sizing

The Corona pull handle measures 12 1/8 inches long and 3 inches wide across its fleur-de-lis back plate brackets. The mid-section measures 7 1/8 inches long, and the brackets each measure 2 ½ inches long. Each pull handle weighs 1.25 pounds.

The Chevron MDF Two Piece and Corona duo brings out artisan flair and enriches your living spaces, wherever you choose to install it. We love inspiring upgraded design with our high-quality BarnCraft products. To learn more about this duo and our other products, contact us at Barndoorz today!