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​ How to Choose the Best Artwork for Your Home

​ How to Choose the Best Artwork for Your Home

Sep 14th 2021

Beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind artwork can add true elegance to your home. Unfortunately, choosing the best pieces of artwork for your home can be costly and time-consuming. To help make the process fun and exciting, we've compiled a list of design tips for how to choose the best artwork for your home.

Budget, Budget, Budget

Begin your art adventure by deciding what rooms you want to add new art pieces to and how many pieces you'll need. Then establish a budget for each room and then a total budget.

The budget doesn't need to be the same for every room. You may want to choose less expensive pieces for rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen. However, for the main living area that guests will see, you may want to have a larger budget to purchase a piece that will create a "wow" factor.

Knowing what you can afford will help steer you to places with art in your price range and avoid the disappointment of finding something you love but cannot afford.

Complementary Color Schemes

Choosing art pieces to compliment your color scheme can be tricky. Something too bold can end up clashing, while something too neutral won't stand out. The trick is to find pops of color that stand out and flow with your color theme.

Also, when choosing a piece of art, the frame is just as important as the artwork. The wrong frame can throw the whole room off. Make sure to choose a frame that can blend the artwork with the room. Just keep in mind frames can be just as expensive as the art, so make sure to add it to the budget.

Commission the Perfect Piece

If a mural is what you want, then you will need to commission an artist. A commissioned artist can turn any surface in your home into art including barn doors or the ceiling. In addition, if you have something specific in mind and struggle to find it — have it commissioned. Hiring a vetted artist is a great way to get exactly the piece you've been struggling to find.

To vet an artist, check their references and portfolio. You can also go to local galleries to get recommendations for reputable artists.

Can't Find It, DIY It

Ok, hear us out — DIY art projects are simple solutions to many art shopping problems. First of all, throwing some paint on a canvas and hanging it to see how the colors look with the rest of the room can help you choose a theme. Secondly, it's an inexpensive way to cover your walls while saving and shopping for permanent artwork. Lastly, you might end up liking your work.

Invest in Pieces You'll Love

The artwork you put in your home should provoke positive feelings, and you should enjoy looking at it. So whether you purchase, commission, or DIY your home's artwork, the most crucial factor to keep in mind is how you feel about it. By investing in pieces you love, you will love coming home every day to look at them.

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