How to Create the Perfect Thanksgiving Table Décor

How to Create the Perfect Thanksgiving Table Décor

Nov 14th 2019

So you’re the Thanksgiving host this year. You’ve set the menu and invited your guests… but what about the table? Thanksgiving table décor is an afterthought for many, but it doesn’t have to be. Read on to find out how you can impress your friends and family even if you don’t consider yourself a designer.

1. Choose your table covering

Every table needs a foundation, whether that's a tablecloth, runner, placemats, or some combination thereof. If you have a beautiful and well-kept tabletop, you might want to show it off with decorative placemats or a runner. But if you have to push tables together to fit everyone or haven’t gotten around to fixing up those scratches, a tablecloth covers a multitude.

2 Design a centerpiece

Thanks to all of the inspiring ideas and tutorials out there today, you don't have to be Martha Stewart to create a great centerpiece. Start here if you want a jumping-off point, then go where your imagination takes you.

As you create, remember to keep your design low enough to the table that guests can still see each other and reach the food. You don’t want to have to move your prized centerpiece just to fit all the food!

3. Play with light

The most beautiful tables have pieces that complement each other. One of the easiest and most elegant ways to accomplish this is with candles and glass, placing them so that the flickering flame of the candle reflects off the glass.

Consider putting a wine glass and water glass at each place. That’s the standard for formal tables, so it will make everything look even more elegant all by itself. Then, place candles strategically along the centerline of the table. If you're worried about an open flame, battery-powered flameless candles are just as good as "real" ones, and there are lots of elegant options out there.

4. Embrace layering

If you live in a cooler climate, you’re probably no stranger to layered clothing, but you might not have thought to apply it to your table. Don’t know whether to use a tablecloth or placemats? Try both! Experiment with what you have available and see what looks good. If you love it, your guests will probably be delighted too.

5. Look beyond the table

Truly great Thanksgiving table décor doesn’t end where the table does. Take a look around your dining room and get creative. Consider where you could add flowers, more candles, or fall decorations that go with your table aesthetic.

Ready to do something more dramatic? Think about adding a barn door. Sliding barn doors add an old-world country charm that’s perfect for Thanksgiving. Also, because they move against the wall and not into the room or hallway, they don't get in the way of food or guests.

At Barndoorz, we have options for almost any design concept. Let us transform your holiday and give you a functional room accent you’ll enjoy for years to come.