​ How to Make Your Primary Bathroom Luxurious

​ How to Make Your Primary Bathroom Luxurious

Upgrading your master bath doesn't have to be a painful, money-draining process. Installing tiled walls, steam showers, and sparkling new fixtures sounds appealing, but is hard on the pocketbook. Instead, try these targeted upgrades to create that dream spa, striking minimalist space, or indoor-outdoor retreat you've been yearning for.

Upscale Finishes

Sometimes a little adds up to a lot. If you don’t want to spring for a shower encased in marble, just line the upper part in splurge-worthy marble tile. Brass fixtures throughout the space would be pricey, but just two brass sconces flanking the vanity will lend an upscale look to the entire bathroom without breaking the bank. You’re working with a small space, so a few luxe touches have an outsized impact.

Pick a Focal Centerpiece

Because the room is small, a focal centerpiece brings instant focus to the space. A dark hardwood vanity with a veined granite countertop is unexpected in a bathroom, and upscale rooms are all about surprising touches. The natural texture is on-trend when paired with gilded metallics like gold or silver towel racks.

Or, find a stately pedestal sink that creates the exact vibe you’re aiming for. Try a tall Grecian column in mint porcelain or a modern pedestal sink in matte black.

Drama on a Budget

A dramatic bathroom design doesn’t have to come with a heart-clutching price tag. Contrasting dark and light brings an instant bold ambiance to any bath. Dark stone tiles on the floor and dark-painted walls can be contrasted with a light wood vanity for a masculine look.

Or, make a bold statement with patterned wallpaper. It’s cheaper than tile, and modern wallpaper has come a long way from tired old patterns. You’ll find ombre wallpaper that looks like a twilight sky or whimsical Art Deco palms. Or, go classic with vertical black and white stripes that mimic gleaming enamel paint.

Bring the Outdoors In

Light will expand your space, making a small bathroom seem larger. A skylight drenches your bathroom in a glorious glow. Cheaper options include using frosted glass in the window instead of blinds. You can also paint everything a monochrome white to brighten the space, using colorful throw rugs as an accent. Finally, bring in a plant that will thrive in the moisture and add to the feel of an outdoor retreat.

A Soothing Spa at Home

Bathrooms with a spa vibe are a growing trend. The nice part: you can create a home spa with a few accessories. Get an inexpensive tub caddy in bamboo and stock it with scented candles. Prop a decorative ladder as a towel rack, placing fluffy white towels on each rung. Hang mirrors where they’ll reflect plants to amplify the natural look.

And remember, shelves are a small bathrooms’ best friend. Install shelves over the toilet or on a side wall. Line them with matching baskets for spa accessories and colorful soaps.

Finally, don’t forget a loopy, extra-large bath mat so your feet can sink into luxury when you get out of the bath.

An Instant Bathroom Upgrade at Barndoorz

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