Interior Design Trends for 2023

Interior Design Trends for 2023

Jan 24th 2023

Good interior design has been viewed as a hobby for a while, but this skill has become a necessity in the ever-changing world. People often make home decor choices to achieve aesthetically appealing yet comfortable interior spaces. The new year allows us to change our living spaces' texture, pattern, and color. Here is an overview of a few interior design trends to try out in 2023.

Use Natural Wood

We spend more and more time indoors than outside due to the ever-growing demands of modern society. Natural elements, such as raw wood, stone, and plants, can help create an interior decor reminiscent of nature. Natural wood adds color, texture, and warmth when used in the right area.

When choosing any wooden piece, consider the wood's type and color since each gives off a different theme. For instance, Cedar offers durability and comes in reddish-brown, making an initially neutral space more lively. Oak, another common natural wood variant, is softer on the eyes since it brings a grainy, muted tone. Walnut showcases a refined dark shade that makes a nice contrast with whites.

Add Layers of Textures

Texture in interior design refers to different surfaces' visual or tactile feel. Without textural elements, a room may come across as uninteresting and flat. Achieving this design trend is more than just throwing a faux carpet here and placing shaggy pillows over there.

When layering different textures in the home, take care not to overdo it. Too many contrasting textures may overstimulate one's senses, overwhelm the space, and leave a cluttered feel. A balanced mix of rough and smooth surfaces creates a pleasant visual and tactile experience. For instance, we can add a large textured painting against a smooth wall to create the room's focal point.

Become Intentional in Lighting

Lighting is an integral element in our homes that is sometimes considered an afterthought when designing or redecorating a living space. Lighting design trends are making a comeback in 2023. Consider the lighting fixture's effect on the room before choosing a wall light or table lamp.

For those who want to make a bold statement, go for a designer chandelier. Alternatively, simple lighting models are an excellent option for a minimalistic style.

Try Out Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are another design feature worth trying in 2023. We can use gallery walls to spruce up blank wall spaces. This interior design trend is a decorative way of telling a story through a personalized collection. Items displayed on a gallery wall include:

  • Photographs
  • Artwork
  • Postcards
  • Typography
  • Mirrors

When starting, we can pick a theme that resonates with our style. Mountable treasure pieces are a great way to start the collection. Then, use pieces with a similar pattern and shade to maintain cohesiveness. Lastly, arrange the pieces in a symmetrical or random layout to complement the style.

Choose BarnDoorz

Every new year gives us a chance to start with a clean slate and try new design trends. Get ahead of everyone by using natural wood, adding layers of texture, becoming intentional in lighting, and trying out gallery walls. Barn doors are a classic and impressive way of incorporating raw wood into this year's designs. Contact Barndoorz to find the ideal sliding barn door for your home.