​ Work From Home Space Planning Tips

​ Work From Home Space Planning Tips

May 26th 2020

Creating a successful work from home space comes with unique challenges. Of course, we want it to be aesthetically appealing. However, it must also be highly practical. Some important questions to consider include:

Is it comfortable enough for working a full day?

Does it have enough storage?

Is it separate from the noise and activity of the rest of the home?

Here are some easy tips and tricks that can help you address these functional concerns in style.

Keep it Comfortable

Traditional office chairs tend to be rather dull. However, there’s no denying the importance of the back support they provide. It’s a good idea to prioritize comfort over style in this situation, but by no means does style have to be sacrificed. There are comfortable and supportive chairs made in every color, pattern, material, and shape you can think of. Just remember, when making your final choice, that you'll be spending 40 hours a week glued to that seat.

Something else to consider regarding comfort in your workspace is the wall treatment. Many people want to use a favorite color or pattern as a way to make a workspace feel personal. However, choosing a particularly bright color or intense pattern can lead to visual fatigue. Consider confining your boldest colors and patterns to accents, like the rug or the chair, and keeping your walls more neutral.

Create Storage

A work from home space is often a bit of a puzzle to arrange. They tend to be small or awkward spaces that didn’t easily work for another use. Fortunately, whatever the size or space constraints, there are practical storage solutions you can utilize.

Consider a desk with pull-out drawers built in. While it’s important to have a comfortable amount of legroom, leaving the majority of that space empty is a huge loss of potential.

Another easy solution is to substitute open shelves for traditional wall décor. An open design allows you to mix work materials with decorative elements, all while utilizing the space’s maximum storage potential.

Finally, while it may seem like a no-brainer to some, remember to digitize when and where you can. Digitizing bulky files will allow you to drastically reduce your storage requirements and keep your physical space feeling more organized and relaxing.

Make a Separate Space

Without a concerted effort at delineating a workspace, it’s easy to find oneself sprawled across the dining room table in the middle of all the household distractions. If at all possible, it’s best to choose a space that can be closed off from the rest of the home.

For a space-saving and stylish way to close off your work space, consider sliding barn doors. By sliding flush against the wall, these doors offer exceptional privacy without taking up any additional room, open or closed.

What’s more, a well-chosen door can even become an integral part of your workflow. The Barncraft X Blackboard Barn Door features a large built-in writing surface, ideal for taking notes or diagraming ideas.

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