3 Common Interior Door Problems and How to Fix Them

3 Common Interior Door Problems and How to Fix Them

Sep 13th 2022

Doors are some of the most used elements of your home. Over time they experience extensive wear and tear from constant opening and closing. Here is an overview of the most common internal door problems and a few door tips to solve them.

Squeaky Doors

Squeaky doors are a nuisance that can be quite distracting. The sound is a constant reminder that someone is opening or closing the door. A potential source of the annoying sound is when wooden door components in close contact rub against each other.

Dirt or poor lubrication of the metal door hinges is another common cause. The metal hinges rub against the intervening metal pin during opening or closing the door, producing the noise.

Adding a layer of oil between the metal pieces prevents the parts from rubbing together. WD-40 is a great spray lubricant product that immediately stops the noise. Other common lubricants you can try applying include:

  • Petroleum jelly
  • Olive oil
  • Hair spray
  • Plumbers grease

However, some household products don't last as long as WD-40 and need frequent reapplication to maintain proper lubrication.

You may have to remove and clean the dirty or rusted hinges for older doors to stop the squeak. You'll need first to remove the hinge pin using a screwdriver. Then, scrub off the rust and dirt using a steel wool pad soaked in warm soapy water. Lastly, rinse off the debris in clean water and tap the hinge pin back in place. Apply lubricant to prevent any rust from forming.

Drafty Doors

During winter, you need a secure door that keeps the cold out and the heat inside your house. However, old doors create drafts by letting warm air leak and allowing in cold air. These drafty doors can compromise your comfort, increase heating energy costs, and permit moisture entry.

A worn-down weather stripping is a common cause of drafty doors. Materials that make up weather stripping include foam, felt, and rubber. Weather strips adhere to the door frame to create an air leak-proof sealing. Constant friction causes sections of the weather strips to wear out. You can solve this problem by replacing the old weather stripping with a new one.

Also, regular exposure to moisture causes the rotting and warping of old wooden doors. You'll have to replace the entire door if the damage is extensive. Barn doors are a great replacement option since you can customize them to meet your interior design specifications.

Jammed Doors

Don't you get frustrated when your door suddenly jams shut and won't budge open? The ideal door should effortlessly open and close unless when locked.

Doors tend to jam from opening when the air has a high moisture content. Wooden doors are especially at risk of this weather-related phenomenon. The wood absorbs moisture and swells, reducing the space between the door frame and the door.

Most of the time, the issue goes away as temperature increases and the wood loses the excess water content. You can take the door off the frame when sticky doors recur and plane the edge to increase the space.

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