4 Benefits of Using Barn Doors for Closets and Small Rooms

4 Benefits of Using Barn Doors for Closets and Small Rooms

Jan 4th 2022

Sliding barn doors are a unique design feature that adds a contemporary yet rustic feel to living spaces. They are an excellent creative way of imparting charm, functionality, and personality into a home. Rolling barn doors offer more than visual appeal, which contributes to their increased popularity over conventional swinging doors. Here is a closer look at a few barn door benefits.

Saves Space

Rolling barn doors fit snuggly in homes with small rooms, making them quite popular today. A conventional swinging door needs some space to open, which is a luxury that small living quarters can’t give up. The normal swinging doors sometimes damage walls with their door handles and block walkways. Though barn doors need some space in the wall to open efficiently, they don’t take up as much floor space as swinging doors.

This sleek and unique feature is especially beneficial in small apartments where homeowners place furniture near doorways. Rolling barn doors are a great alternative in homes where the typical door would open into a living space. In such a case, the traditional door limits access into another section of the house until the door is closed shut. Barn doors simply slide out of the way, allowing easy movement into and out of a room.

Easy Installation

Another benefit of barn doors is that they are easy to install. The regular doors need to be accurately measured before installing them on doorways. Any miscalculation when taking down dimensions would result in a door the doesn’t close or open properly.

If you’re planning on changing a conventional door, you may end up replacing the entire doorframe. This action may end up being a costly carpentry project that isn’t in your budget. Meanwhile, barn doors are pretty straightforward to install. Even after installation, you can later easily change it out when redecorating or freshening up your interior design style.

Great Functionality

Sliding barn doors offer amazing functionality. At Barndoorz, we can make them using lightweight materials allowing small kids to open and close them shut easily. Opening barn doors to their full length provides enough space for getting you and even large pieces of furniture through doorways.

Barn doors also end up increasing the value of a property. According to a study by Zillow, homes listed with rolling barn doors get sold at 13.4% higher than their expected value.

Design Flexibility

Rolling barn doors are amazingly stylish and customizable to meet any desired aesthetic. The doors first came into the limelight with the emergence of the “ shabby chic” style. The interior design style combined countryside décor along with metal and wooden furnishings.

With a bit of imagination, you will realize barn doors can fit a variety of styles. Natural wooden barn doors with metal accents look amazing in urban, rural, and nature-inspired settings. Their clean and simple profile is also a great addition to minimalistic modern homes.

Choose Barndoorz

Barn doors are an excellent option for small spaces like closets and are pretty easy to install. They offer great functionality and are available in different styles and finishes. We at Barndoorz provide a variety of rolling barn doors that will satisfy your interior design demands. Check out our collection and get your custom sliding barn door today.