4 Tips for Designing a Kid’s Room

4 Tips for Designing a Kid’s Room

Feb 21st 2023

As parents, we hope to provide our kids with a snug living space that encourages learning and growth. Designing our children's rooms provides the perfect opportunity to add different kids' décor and create a charmingly functional space. However, decorating a child's bedroom can be a decorative nightmare as it presents a unique challenge.

Often, the kids' décor needs to keep up with the ever-evolving obsessions and needs of a growing toddler. With so many interior design themes to choose from, how can we create a timeless space? Here are 4 tips we can follow when designing a kid's room.

Color the Space

Colors add character to living space and can greatly impact the room's overall vibe. We can encourage our kids to pick one of their favorite colors to act as the base palette. This base color often goes on large surfaces such as walls, floors, or furniture. A peppy color scheme is an excellent pick that adds a youthful and upbeat vibe.

To avoid blandness, we can have a bold complementary color on accessories like curtains, carpets, bed sheets, and storage. We can balance out the bold palettes with spots of calming neutrals to achieve an appealing visual. The neutral paints allow quicker color swaps when redecorating to meet future preferences.

Add Graphics

Adding graphics like wallpapers, posters, and decals brings zest into our children's rooms. We can pick graphics based on the child's likes to showcase their character. To incorporate a cheerful or vibrant theme, we can opt for animal motifs, cartoon posters, and comic cutouts. As our children grow, we can easily swap out childish themes and kids' décor for more mature ones.

Setup a Work Play Zone

A clearly defined work and play area teach a kid to stay orderly and creative. Set up the work zone with a designated study table and drawers for creative art projects and homework. Having adequate storage for stationery and books in the work area keeps the entire room tidy. The work table can be next to a window that offers adequate fresh air and natural lighting. These conditions ensure kids have a comfortable and less distracted study time.

If next to the wardrobe, we can consider replacing the closet door with a Barndoorz Blackboard door. This sliding barn door is an excellent aesthetic and functional addition that saves on floor space while providing a creative canvas for kids. The play area can be a bright corner that contains kids' toys, stuffed animals, and video games.

Get Creative Storage and Smart Shelving

Incorporating plenty of storage options in our kids' rooms helps minimize clutter. A cabinet that blends with the room's overall theme is an appealing and practical inclusion. Colorful chests and baskets are other excellent options for storing clothes and toys. Having drawers underneath the bed and open shelves is a smart storage option for keeping toys and linen out of sight yet easily accessible.

Choose Barndoorz

Our kids are unique, and allowing them to take part in designing their rooms gives us insight into their personalities. We also empower them with decision-making at an early stage while allowing them to set up a fun-loving and creative room. At Barndoorz, we provide an extensive collection of sliding barn doors that meet the needs of different interior design types. Barn doors allow the seamless transition between rooms and are an excellent inclusion to areas with limited spaces. Contact us today to find the ideal barn door to complete the kid's room.