7 Amazing Cozy Design Ideas for Your Home This Winter

7 Amazing Cozy Design Ideas for Your Home This Winter

Dec 6th 2022

With winter's arrival, we may find ourselves spending more time holed up indoors. For some, the cold weather can cause the body and mind to hibernate. A warm and cozy interior home design elevates moods and makes the bleak winter months more bearable. Here are some creative cozy design ideas to make your home a winter haven this chilly season.

Get Extra Blankets

Blankets make everything warm and cozy, especially during cold winter nights. Extra blankets in the living room, bedroom, and spare bedrooms come in handy whenever we want to snuggle up. The convenience and feeling of curling up on your sofa under a blanket while watching TV are worth savoring. When combined with throws, blankets quickly improve our home’s winter-season decor.

Hang Heavier Drapes

Approximately 30% of our home’s heat escapes through the windows during winter. An easy way of saving up on energy costs is replacing your summer curtains with heavier drapes. Curtains act like a barrier between the warm and cold air, preventing any avoidable room heat loss. Winter also benefits from heavy curtains that provide maximum insulation against heavy drafts during blizzards.

Place Area Rugs

Rugs are well known for their aesthetic value in our homes. They can add color, pattern, and texture to dull spaces. However, people often miss out on the added insulation benefits of a well-placed rug. To avoid any chilly surprises, consider adding area rugs in heavy foot traffic areas such as entryways, hallways, and living areas. A thick woolen area rug is an excellent choice since the material feels soft and luscious underfoot while providing much-needed insulation.

Try Softer Lighting

The color and intensity of your home’s lighting have an extraordinary effect on how you feel. Bluish-white light gives off an energized and upbeat feel, while yellow-white light exudes a warmer and calming effect. Use low-wattage bulbs that give off a natural warm light to create a cozy ambiance. Light also several candles to make your communal space warmer and more welcoming.

Decorate with Organic Elements

Adding natural materials to your home instantly brings warmth and the relaxing feeling of the outdoors. Wood radiates a warm and timeless beauty to any indoor space. Select wooden pieces with a live edge or raw finish to further highlight the beauty of nature.

Build a Reading Space

The cold weather allows you to lose yourself in a good book for hours. Start by picking out a well-lit corner, then add a comfy plush armchair and footstool. You can then put a small table for stacking your favorite books and a coaster for your preferred warm beverage. A reading lamp will be handy if you stay up all night reading.

Choose Barndoorz

Do you want to make your home warm and comfy through winter? Then consider adding extra blankets, hanging heavier drapes, placing area rugs, and using warmer lighting in the house. With our sliding barn doors, you can partition your home into cozy living spaces while making a design statement. Check out our collection of barn doors for one that meets your interior design needs.