7 Ways to Improve Your Home in One Weekend

7 Ways to Improve Your Home in One Weekend

Apr 17th 2019

If you’re a homeowner you know there’s almost no end to home improvement projects. But many projects take time, money, and often months or years. We’d like to share some great DIY projects that will transform your home and won’t break the budget or take more than a day or two.

1. Paint: Paint is a great way to add new life to so many areas of your home. One place to start is with your entry door. You can easily paint your home’s entry door in a weekend and you don’t even have to take it off the hinges unless you want to. Choose a bright, fun color like yellow or turquoise and make a bold statement.

Another great way to make a statement with paint is to paint an accent wall. Choose a complementary color to that in the rest of the room and create a wonderful new focal point in any room in your home.

2. Revamp Your Closet: If you’re like most people, you don’t use half of what’s in your closet. Give your clothes closet a makeover and create a truly usable space. You can buy organizer systems at home improvement stores, use plastic tubs with labels to make items easy-to-find, or simply go through what you have, perhaps donate what you no longer want or need, and reorganize what you do use. Treat yourself by adding special touches like paint or new lighting.

3. Update Your Hardware: We’re not talking about your computer here rather your cabinets and drawers. Give them a boost with new pulls and handles. Be creative to suit your taste. If you have factory-issued hardware, have fun with the change. You might even want to scour yard sales or antique shops for interesting options.

4. Install a Ceiling Fan: Ceiling fans are more than ecologically and economically sound -- they can also make a strong design statement. You can easily mount a ceiling fan in a weekend and there are countless options to choose from. Whatever type of ceiling fan you choose, be sure to turn off the power before you work and follow all installation instructions.

5. Make a Succulent Terrarium: It’s always nice to have a little plant life indoors. However, not all of us have a green thumb. Plants can be hard to maintain and succulents make a great alternative. Succulents are native desert plants that do not need much water or attention. Make a biodome of colorful succulents using a large glass bowl (a fish bowl or short glass vase works well) and bring some easy-to-care-for plant life indoors. It will make any room come alive.

6. Give Your Yard a Facelift: Green thumb or not, if you have a yard then you have to maintain it. One weekend project that will wow your neighbors is an outdoor patio. Create an easy flagstone patio in a weekend (no need for mortar). Include seating such as colorful chairs or a bistro set and easy-to-maintain potted plants and you’ll have a lovely outdoor escape.

7. Install a Barn Door: A barn door is a great addition to any home and can be installed in a weekend. Barn doors make a design statement, are environmentally friendly, and add value to your home. Have questions about which barn door is right for you? Contact us, we’d love to help.