7 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cozy

7 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cozy

Oct 27th 2021

Turning a house into a home is all about details. So to help you create a more cozy home, we created a list featuring our favorite seven design tips for creating a cozy home—enjoy!


Incorporating various types of lighting can create multiple concepts in your home. For example, to get a cozier feeling, try adding some table lamps warm LED light bulbs. Lighter lampshades made from linen or paper are easier on the eyes due to how they diffuse light.


Candles have many cozy attributes. First of all, candles are another source of calm, warm lighting. Secondly, they come in every scent you can think of. Cozy scents can make your guests immediately feel at home when they arrive.


Candles aren't the only way to give your home a cozy smell— diffusers are great aromatherapy tools. Not only do diffusers provide your space with the delightful smells from your favorite essential oils, but they also humidify your space.

However, if any of your family members happen to be cats, double-check to make sure the essential oil you're putting in your diffuser is non-toxic to cats.


Plants have many proven benefits, such as naturally improving your home's air quality and providing stress relief.

For those of you lacking a green thumb, you're in luck. Many indoor plants are inexpensive and very low maintenance. A few low maintenance house plants include:

  • Money Plant: No, it's not made of money, but the cozy feeling it'll add to your home is priceless.
  • Mint: Not only is mint a useful herb, but it also smells great and is decorative.
  • Rubber Tree: Yes, this is a living plant, but the leave has a rubbery texture.
  • Fake Plants: If keeping plants alive isn't for you, then artificial foliage can still add a cozy feeling to your home.

Barn Doors

Adding a barn door to create a room divider in a larger entryway is an easy way to trap heat in certain rooms and make them cozier. In addition to being functional, they are also extremely stylish and come in designs that will match any decor.


A variety of textures are vital for creating a lived-in, homey, and cozy feeling. Adding drapes, rugs, blankets, and throw pillows creates a calm and inviting feeling. Have fun with your texture choices by mixing them up. For example, add a few faux fur throw pillows and a blanket on the sofa with a plush area rug.


Speaking of rugs, they do more than looking nice. Area rugs help absorb sound and prevent your home from echoing, especially if you don't have carpeted flooring. Also, on a cold day, a rug provides a warm place to put your feet.

Welcome mats are another small detail that helps make a home feel lived in.

Family Photos

The final touch to creating a cozy home is adding family photos. Displaying your memories makes for great conversation topics with guests and creates a sense of nostalgia.