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9 Things to Include in Your Guest Room

9 Things to Include in Your Guest Room

Jan 20th 2021

Staying at someone else’s home is often a slightly nerve-wracking experience, even if you’re close with them. When you’re staying at a friend’s, you don’t have the same familiarity with your surroundings as your hosts. So, when it’s your turn to host, it’s only polite to make sure your guests have all the comforts of home. Adding these none items to your guest room will keep your friends as relaxed as can be.

1. A Comfortable, Inviting Bed

It may not seem worthwhile to invest in a high-quality bed and sheet set for your guest room when it’s not going to be used frequently. However, to your visitors, these things make all the difference. Make the bed in your guest room one that you’d feel comfortable spending the night in; it’s only polite!

2. Multiple Blankets

Not everyone has the same preferences when it comes to sleeping conditions. Some visitors will like to cozy up, while others may prefer to stay cool all night long. Provide several blankets in different thicknesses so your friends can customize their bed to their liking.\

3. Several Towels

If your guests want to clean up while they’re at your home, they’ll need a towel. Put a towel in an obvious spot in your guest room so they can grab it and go, instead of searching the bathroom later.

4. Several Different Lighting Options

Your guest room is your friends’ private space while they’re at your home. Giving them several lighting options, such as a few lamps and the ceiling light, lets them transition easily from bright day time to comfortable evening quiet.

5. A Mirror

Getting ready in the morning is always easier with a mirror. A full-length mirror can help your visitors smarten up without needing to wander your home first thing in the morning.

6. A Clock

Sometimes, phones and devices run out of batteries. Putting a simple but classic alarm clock in the guest room can help your guests keep an eye on the time without having to rely on their phones.

7. A Charging Station

Speaking of phones, everyone needs to charge their technology overnight. Placing a surge protector or a charging station somewhere visible and easy to reach will give your visitors some peace of mind.

8. Water And Light Snacks

If you want your guest room to feel like a spa, you can’t go wrong by adding a pitcher of water and some snacks or gum. These simple amenities allow your friends and family to stay comfortable in their room instead of having to explore an unfamiliar home if they’re thirsty at night.

9. A Barn Door Closet

Last but not least, adding barn doors to your guest room closet is a clever way to save space for yourself and your visitors. Most people bring at least one or two bags with them when they head to a friend’s home; barn doors on a closet save floor space and give your guests a little more room to spread out.

No matter what style you’re looking for, at Barndoors, we have options that will match your needs. Let us help you create the guest room of your dreams, so you can host friends and family in comfort for years to come. 

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