A Guide to Interior Design Styles: French Provincial

A Guide to Interior Design Styles: French Provincial

Feb 9th 2022

We can trace the French Provincial interior design style to as far back as the 17th and 18th centuries. The style combines country or rustic elements with refined elegance. French provincial remains one of the most popular interior home design styles to date, owing to its chic yet functional nature. It requires various decorative features, classic colors, bold patterns, and symmetrical designs that can be slightly tricky to recreate. Here are a few interior design tips to help you incorporate the French Provincial style into your home.

The Color Palette and Texture

French Provincial-inspired homes have a classic color scheme. You can opt for light grey or creamy white tones with soft hints of greens to maintain the subtle country style. Blue whites are a rarity in the French Provincial interior design style, with neutral green-inspired whites being more common.

The color palette needs to be warm and neutral to reflect the landscape of the French countryside. Warmer tones are also the perfect backdrop for bringing out the natural weathered timber furniture and floors. Natural terracotta shades and soft pinks are steadily gaining popularity in French Provincial homes.

Look for furniture with soft textures like linen and wood, marble, or timber for kitchen tops. If you’re remodeling a new home or restructuring an existing one, then consider leaving the timber support beams exposed. This feature is typical for the French-inspired design style.

The Flooring

The floor is an important design feature that cements all other design elements occupying the space. Stone or timber are great natural options for your floors. The French Provincial uniquely features parquetry floors in a herringbone or chevron pattern. You can also go for the beautiful ceramic floor tile that is easy to maintain.

The Furniture

When looking for furniture to match your French Provincial-inspired home, go for ones with an organic and evolving look. Antique-looking or classic pieces of furniture are much preferred as they radiate an aura of history and mystery. Tufted furniture with button detailing is a foundation piece that brings an old-friendly charm to your interior home décor. Upholstered furniture is a common inclusion that evokes class. Furniture with a carved armoire or cabriole legs is another great addition.

Other key pieces of furniture include:

bedhead upholstered in natural linen or rattan

antique dressers

detailed scalloped carvings

original hand-painted side tables

scrubbed farmhouse style tables with ladder back chairs

line upholstered sofas or those with soft cotton slipcovers

The Accessories

Traditional decorations and accessories help to compliment and complete the French Provincial design style. Wall paintings, table lamps, sculptures, and vases of flowers add a pop of color. You can choose between fresh flowers that radiate freshness or dried flowers which are a great all-year-round decoration.

Nifty gold, ivory, or brass ornaments and family heirlooms add a rustic vibe while bringing history to your home’s interior. You can use mirrors decoratively to reflect light throughout your home and create visual depth. The mirror’s magnificently carved wooden frame also ends up complementing the rest of your French Provincial-inspired home.

The Kitchen

French Provincial kitchen décor and inclusions need to be stylish and functional. The cabinets are usually fashioned with elegant carvings and moldings. The kitchen also features vintage or shabby chic touches comprising old bottles or jars for encasing pantry items. French Provincial-inspired kitchens also showcase copper pots and wrought iron pot racks.

The Living Room

French provincial living rooms are airy, sun-kissed, and whitewashed. Avoid adding any heavy, dark fabrics or furniture. Guests need to feel welcome with the perfect blend of crafted furniture and patterned fabrics. You can use sheer lace curtains to enable light penetration.

To gain entry to the living room or any other room, consider installing French-style barn doors. Barn doors don’t take up any extra floor space like conventional doors allowing for optimal use of your living space. The easy-to-install custom barn doors can have clear or frosted glass to ensure light penetration and privacy.

The Dining Room

If you are looking for a high-end opulent finish, silks, chandeliers, and high-quality finishes are amazing dining room inclusions. Lightweight silk curtains that extend and puddle on the floor add some formality to the dinner setting. A countryside-inspired chandelier features distressed metal or candelabra bulbs. A wooden dining table surrounded by vintage seats offers a casual and cordial appeal.

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