​A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Modern Country

​A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Modern Country

Modern country is a wonderful pairing of two distinct design styles. This look combines minimal contemporary chic with traditional country design creating a new spirited classic. Here are a few ways to achieve this creative style.

Use Wood & Natural Materials

Modern country decor incorporates wood and natural material elements. This includes wood paneling, exposed beams, and wood floorboards. These make great modern country additions to your home.

You can also bring wood and nature into your home without remodeling. A few budget-friendly ideas include the use of wooden furniture, wicker baskets, and linen or other natural material rugs to keep in the natural theme.

A great, affordable way to bring wood into your home is with a barn door. Barn doors are perfect for entryways and interior doors to add a rustic, traditional country or modern touch, depending on your style. You can stain, paint or leave a barn door unfinished to match your overall decor.

Keep it Simple With a Modern Edge

The Traditional country style is simple and uncomplicated. Modern country maintains that simplicity while adding a layer of depth and creativity. To achieve this, select neutral colors such as whites, creams, and browns for your base colors. These natural hues provide a feeling of warmth in a modern country home.

Add impact with block colors and patterns. For example, select a plain white sofa and add color or pattern with accessories like throws or pillows. Floral is typical of country-style decorating. To achieve a more modern look of this country classic, select an abstract floral pattern or something minimalist. You can also add stripes to floral patterns for a bolder look.

Your modern country rooms should be practical so that everything has a purpose. This means utilitarian but with style. Select reclaimed wood shelving or coffee tables and open display cabinets like glass-fronted kitchen cupboards. Chic simplicity is the key to a modern country home.

Create Coziness

Warm up a modern country room with rugs, throws, and blankets to add both color and luxury. This is also a great way to affordably accessorize a living or bedroom. Remember to stick with natural materials and use warm colors like deep blue, pinks, reds, greens, and oranges. In kitchens, yellows and grays also work well. For furniture that needs updating, paint with bright colors for an easy, inexpensive makeover.

Add Texture

Modern country design would not be complete without texture. The natural patina of rough, organic surfaces is an essential element of the look. Rather than covering up imperfections, modern country reveals natural materials such as exposed brick, bare plaster, polished concrete, and reclaimed or unfinished wood. These natural surfaces work indoors for floors, worktops, and walls.

For instant character use soft, nubbly textiles like linens or sheep skins to add warmth and visual interest. Natural floor coverings, baskets, textiles, and woven pieces will also add texture to your modern country room.

Contrasting surfaces, mixing sleek and shiny or rough and gritty for example, will increase textural impact. Using natural long-lasting materials in high traffic areas, like brick in a kitchen or hallway adds to the look and makes sense in your home. Finally, if you are renovating, consider leaving something “undone” like a bare plaster brick or stone wall.

Modernize with Color

Finally, modernize with a shade of a popular color to make the room feel up-to-date. Colors like teal blue, mustard yellow, and blush pink are all of-the-moment. Be sure to choose a color you won’t tire of. Consider painting an accent wall, alcove, or a single piece of furniture in your favorite hue and enhance your modern country interior.

A pop of color can also come from a well-placed barn door. Paint your door to accent and add a statement-making touch to your modern country space. A barn door will add punch, value, and versatility to any home. Have questions about barn doors in your home? Contact us, we can help.