Back to School: Making Space for Success

Back to School: Making Space for Success

Aug 9th 2022

Schools are about to reopen, and kids from all over the country are excited to reunite with their friends as they move to the next grade. As a parent, you’ve probably invested in books and cool outfits so your child can have a great classroom experience. But, if there's one thing the pandemic has taught us, learning doesn't have to end in the classroom.

Online learning has revolutionized the education system and increased the need for dedicated learning spaces at home. While setting up a learning space may sound costly and space-consuming, it's not that hard. Here are a few tips on creating an impactful learning space for your kids as they go back to school.

Create a Dedicated Learning Space

When we think of creating a dedicated learning space for our children, the need for extra space comes to mind. Unfortunately, not everyone has the square footage to spare. On the bright side, you don’t need a lot of space. The ideal learning space allows kids to feel comfortable as they complete assignments and satisfy their academic curiosities.

Some children prefer silence, while others like a bit of background noise while studying. Depending on your child’s preference, you can dedicate a space in the bedroom or a corner in your living room. The key is to create a comfortable space that ties into your child’s learning needs and routine.

Eliminate Distractions

What can distract our children from working to their highest potential? Once we’ve identified all notable distractions, keep them away from the learning area during study time. For older children, social media and TV are possible distractions hence the need to limit screen time during study sessions. You can play instrumental music to block background noise and keep them focused and motivated.

Be Mindful of Color

Having a dedicated learning space is an excellent idea. However, even the most well-thought-out design may not work out as intended without proper visual stimulation. We, therefore, need to ensure the child’s learning space is inviting and engaging. Color significantly impacts a kid’s cognitive abilities, emotions, and behaviors.

Consider color schemes that motivate and positively stimulate the child’s emotions if there's a large learning area with dedicated reading spots. Studies show that warm colors like yellow and orange capture a learner’s attention and enhance their learning experience. Similarly, cooler tones like green and blue have a calming effect on kids.

Get Your Child a Writing Board

Writing boards can considerably improve a child's learning experience. The writing board allows kids to express their ideas and boost engagement. If there isn’t enough living space to fit an appropriately sized board, you can opt for the BarnDoorz Blackboard door.

This ingenious interior design addition saves on space as it takes up fewer square inches than the conventional swinging door. The functional sliding mechanism further enables your child’s smooth transition into the dedicated reading space. These doors provide an attractive, cost-effective solution for your child's creative needs.

Revolutionize Your Child’s Learning Experience

Every parent dreams of seeing their child succeed. So why not make learning a daily routine at home? We can improve our kids’ back-to-school outcomes by designating a stimulating reading space, eliminating distractions, and getting a writing board. Barn doors are a functional yet aesthetically appealing home addition that can help provide a unique learning experience. Check out Barndorz's extensive collection of premium barn doors for one that meets your exclusive interior design needs.