Creative Ideas for Hidden Doors in Your Home

Creative Ideas for Hidden Doors in Your Home

Jul 12th 2022

Adding hidden entryways that lead into secret passageways and rooms is an excellent way to customize your home. This design concept allows you to tap into your childhood desire for secret spaces and get creative with your adulthood need for privacy. The amazing hidden spaces you come up with often leave your visiting friends and family in endless awe. Here are some intriguing décor tips for adding secret doors to your home.

Creating a Bookshelf Hidden Door

Bookshelves have been a longstanding décor tip for adding hidden doors to workspaces in your home. You can opt for a hidden door that resembles a typical bookcase only to swing open and reveal a secret entryway unexpectedly. To complete your optical illusion, you can decorate the hidden bookcase door with vases and novels.

Sophisticated bookshelf hidden doors have wall paneling and in-built household implements. You have the freedom to add a trick latch that’s connected to a cable behind the door. Attach the cable to a wood block that you can disguise with a book cover. Tilting the disguised wood block forward, tugs onto the cable and opens the latch.

Designing a False Paneled Wall

Paneled walls allow you to pull an amazing optical trick on your guests. You can be staring directly at a brilliantly hidden paneled door and fail to notice its presence. This type of hidden entryway is easier to set up as you can use a standard door.

You will have to cover up the door and walls with matching panels to create symmetry and allow blending. To match your interior design, you can opt for repeating square panels, floor to ceiling panels, horizontal wooden shiplap, or vertical wood panels.

Turning Your Wardrobe Into an Entryway

Another popular hidden door idea involves turning your wardrobe into an entryway. For this design, you can remove the back of the wardrobe entirely or add a hidden door. With a large enough dresser or armoire, you can deceptively create a fancy passage to a secret playroom, library, or walk-in closet.

Utilizing Space Under Your Staircase

One of the most underutilized living spaces is the space under your staircase. Depending on the available room and the design of your stairs, you can repurpose this space into a storage room, guest bathroom, or playroom. Installing a hidden door allows you to efficiently camouflage and use the space without compromising the structural integrity of your staircase.

Having a Cabinetry Hidden Door

Cabinet secret entryways can blend magnificently with your dining room and kitchen. Since you already have different cabinetry in your kitchen, you can easily add a false cabinet. All you need is an appropriately sized cabinet door with complementary hardware to match your existing cabinetry.

Consider Sliding Barn Doors by BarnDoorz

Most hidden room concepts are relatively easy to set up with the help of sliding barn doors. Rolling barn doors provide the perfect blend of form and function for a seamless transition into your hidden room and options like a mirrored door or blackboard door can provide the perfect disguise for your hidden room. Our doors come in a variety of materials and design types to meet your custom interior design needs. Shop our inventory today and let your creativity run wild!