Design Tips on Combining Home Décor Accessories

Design Tips on Combining Home Décor Accessories

Dec 21st 2021

Accessories act as the finishing touch to a room while working with the furniture to customize your living space. Finding the right home décor is vital to ensuring the accessories blend properly. The art and process of accessorizing follow a few specific rules, a bit of instinct, and lots of fun. Here are a few design tips when combining home décor accessories.

Organize Accessories in Odd Numbers

Grouping items in odd numbers usually offers more appeal than doing even numbers. The ideal number of accessories you can have should be between three to five pieces depending on the amount of space available. For example, you can accessorize your dining table with three to five candle pieces by setting up an asymmetric arrangement.

The asymmetry draws the eye’s attention by creating a visually appealing focal point. A few accessories that are sure to be great home additions include:

  • Lightings like table and pendant lamps
  • Books and magazines
  • Bins, trays, and baskets
  • Mirrors, pictures, and art
  • Pillows and cushions
  • Specialty or themed collections
  • Natural elements like seashells, pinecones, and flowers

Balance the Contrast

The proper use of color is crucial to achieving the perfect contrast in a home. Choose accessories that create contrast in specific spaces once you pick a color scheme for a room. Having a pearly white vase on a black shelf is a great way of creating color contrast.

Arranging items is another great design tip for achieving contrast. For example, when organizing books on a shelf, have them horizontally and vertically to create contrast. Stacking books can serve as a display platform for your prized ornaments.

Spread, Scale, and Proportion

Finding accessories of appropriate scale and proportion is essential when decorating a home. Spreading the ornaments and art throughout the house helps create a sense of balance. By scattering accent color in different room sections, you stimulate visual movement.

Scaling entails relating the size of accessories to the size of the room or its occupants. Proportion covers comparing the size of an item relative to the surrounding objects. Finding the right balance between scale and proportion is one of the critical design tips interior designers follow. For instance, a lamp needs to be proportional to the lamp base and lampshade while being to scale with the table it sits on.

Style or Theme

When there’s a specific style or vibe in mind for your home, adding themed accessories is a great way to achieve it. If you are going for a contemporary or modern vibe, don’t select ornaments with a traditional feel like geometric patterns or florals. Modern themes often embrace Scandinavian minimalistic features like neutral colors and elegant yet simplistic ideas. Styles or themes help homes acquire a sense of identity that will surely leave friends and family in amazement.

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