Door and Hardware Spotlight: Mirror Barn Door + Stainless Steel Gage Hardware Kit

Door and Hardware Spotlight: Mirror Barn Door + Stainless Steel Gage Hardware Kit

Apr 20th 2022

Barn Door Product Spotlight: The Mirror Barn Door

The mirror barn door is a practical and glamorous interior design addition that can elevate a living space. It features a full-length mirror that provides reflective surface homeowners can strategically place to bounce natural light. The mirror also adds visual depth that can make cramped-up spaces feel bigger. Mirror barn doors have a solid 1-0.75 inch premium wooden door of fine-textured timber.

The rustic wooden frame provides an excellent surface for custom staining and painting in unfinished samples. Interior design enthusiasts can also get today’s product spotlight in a Distressed, Traditional, or Antique finish. The door thickness can vary between 36 inches to 42 inches, with the mirror glass can be on one or both sides, respectively.

Installing the Mirror Barn Door

Begin With the Door Opening

Carefully measure and record the height and width of the doorway opening. The mirror barn doors tend to be slightly larger than regular openings, so add two to four inches to cover the frame completely. If the barn door comes with a trim, find the width of the doors to the trim’s edge.

Check the Wall Space

After measuring the barn door width, determine the length of the adjacent wall to the right and left. For homeowner’s considering double barn doors, keep in mind the need for clearance on both sides. The mirror barn door has adequate wall space when it can fully open without restrictions by immovable objects like light switches.

Ensure Safety

Homeowners need to care when hauling around mirror barn doors during installation as they weigh between 25 to 90 pounds. Always confirm whether your hardware can offer sufficient support for the single door weight specifications. Installing a header board behind the track improves the stability.

Choose the Hardware: Stainless Steel Hardware Kit

The Barndoorz Stainless Steel Gage Hardware kit is ideal for the mirror barn door. It mainly consists of:

  • Rollers
  • Stand-off bracket
  • Floor door guide
  • Stoppers
  • Pre-drilled rail (78-3/4” and 100”)
  • Screws and nuts
  • C floor glider
  • Anti-jump disc
  • Installation guide

The track and hangers are handmade using top-quality powder-coated stainless steel in an ebony black finish. It also features a high durometer ball bearing that glides smoothly and soundlessly along the pre-drilled rails. The Stainless Steel Gage Hardware kit only applies to interior residential sliding doors and can bear a weight of 220 lbs. Interior design enthusiasts can buy an extra kit to extend length using a connecting adaptor.

Customize the Barn Door

Homeowners can add a custom touch to the mirror barn doors using different pulls and handles. Ordering the sliding door accessories from the same brand as Barndoorz ensures a matching finished look.

Take the Interior Design Addition to Another Level

Connecting an adapter allows the homeowner to add two or more hardware kits for a custom entryway. The floor guides help minimize the risk of dislodging and damage to mirror barn doors. Also, having a soft close kit reduces the end of rail clashing and track jumping. Check out Barndoorz's extensive custom collection of sliding barn doors and hardware kits to meet one’s interior design needs.