Door & Hardware Spotlight: Guadalupe Barn Door + Royal Hardware Kit

Door & Hardware Spotlight: Guadalupe Barn Door + Royal Hardware Kit

Feb 15th 2022

Guadalupe Barn Door

The Guadalupe Barn Door is an excellent interior design option for anybody seeking to add a touch of modern or countryside décor to their home. It comprises a uniquely dense door core that offers great sturdiness and durability. The sliding barn door further features rustic wooden planks produced from kiln-dried Canadian pine. The planks are stuck to one or both sides of the rolling door resulting in a variation of the sliding door’s thickness. It is approximately 1 to ½” with barn doors that have planks on one side being thinner than those with planks on each side.

Installing the Guadalupe Barn Door

Acquire the Necessary Hardware: Royal Hardware Kit

Before starting the barn door installation process, we need to have all the proper hardware tools. The Royal, Philmont, Gage, Slade, and Waggoner hardware kits are the most popular. The Royal Hardware kit on offer at Barndoorz flawlessly complements the Guadalupe Barn door. Included in the kit are:

  • Rail (x1)
  • Stand-off Bracket (x5)
  • Floor Door Guide (x1)
  • Bolt Wall Anchor (x5)
  • Bolt (x5)
  • Log Bolt Wall Anchor (x5)
  • Stopper (x2)
  • Anti-Jump (x2)
  • Roller (x2)
  • Allen Wrench (x1)

The hangers and tracks are made from tough powder-coated steel with a magnificent black finish. The black powder coating doesn’t easily scratch off, ensuring a long-lasting aesthetic finish. There are also quiet glide ball bearings made of high durometer nylon, providing minimal noise when rolling down the rail. The hardware can support up to 220 lbs.

Measure the Doorway

Measuring the doorway, stairway, and hallway helps us find the perfectly fitting barn door. Carefully note down the width from left to right and height from top to bottom. Once we have the perfect barn door size in mind, we can determine the track length we need to buy.

Multiply the width findings of the new sliding door by two. The result gives us the minimum track length for standard single barn doors. For double doors, the track length needs to be four times the width of a single door.

Attach the Door Hardware

Using a pencil, mark the places where we need to install the rollers, handles, and anti-jump disks. Barn doors differ, so we must follow the manufacturer’s instructions when attaching the pieces of door hardware. Since barn doors overlap the doorway, we need to ensure the handle is still accessible after shutting the door.

Find the Studs, Attach the Track and Stoppers

Use a stud finder to locate the studs above the doorway. It is best to ensure the studs are perfectly aligned before drilling pilot holes into them. The support beams attached to the studs offer better reinforcement than the drywall for the usually heavy barn door. Before attaching the track holes, we need to carefully align the track holes with the stud holes. Proceed to install the stoppers on each end of the metal track.

Attach the Barn Door

At this stage, we can finally hang the barn door. Sliding the door back and forth after installation to ensure the Guadalupe barn door is properly secure.

Choose Barndoorz

Check out our extensive barn door collection and their complementary hardware kits. You can use our easy-to-follow guide to help with the barn door installation process.