Door & Hardware Spotlight: Marfa Barn Door + Vintage Hardware Kit

Door & Hardware Spotlight: Marfa Barn Door + Vintage Hardware Kit

Dec 30th 2021

Switching out traditional swinging doors for barn doors can improve your décor, improving the flow of any room. This barn door product spotlight features the Marfa Barn Door. It offers a rustic touch to any room, but it’s subtle enough to blend with chic and modern décor. Its herringbone pattern adds a timeless touch to your room, and the color is neutral, matching a variety of color palettes.

Why You Should Consider the Marfa Barn Door

This door is durable, made with real Canadian pine wood planks. It is heavy and sturdy, so you can enjoy it in your home for years to come. This particular door is versatile. You can choose one with the plank pattern on one side for sprucing up closets or adding a rustic touch to the outside of your bathroom.

Or you can choose one with the plank pattern on both sides, for a classy transition between rooms. Use this door to section off parts of your house, improving privacy without taking up the space of a traditional swinging door. In an open concept design, this feature gives people in your household personal space, but it’s easy to open when you want to keep the open, airy layout.

How to Install the Marfa Barn Door

The Marfa Barn Door is complemented perfectly by the vintage hardware kit. A thick panel made of dark metal makes the door easy to roll. Its industrial design with thick rivets offsets the pale wood, matching multiple color schemes. This hardware kit makes the door easy to roll when you need to enter a room or close it off for any reason.

Install the Back Board and Metal Track

Make sure there is enough space to fully slide the door open. Install the door so when it is fully open, it can roll all the way and expose the room’s entrance. Once you’ve figured out how the door will be configured, install your backer board. Make sure you install the backer board and the metal track high enough for the door to clear the floor, and leave an inch between the wall and the door.

If you want, you can paint your backer board to match the color of the wall, or you can pick one that is similar in color to the Marfa Barn Door. Attach the metal track to the barn back board.

Add the Hardware

Your Marfa Barn Door and Vintage Hardware Kit offers a template that makes it easy to mark up and install your hardware. This kit offers 2 rollers and a pre-drilled rail, along with screws and nuts, and an anti-jump disc. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the rollers to the door.

Hang the Door

When you’ve installed the metal track and added hardware to the door, it’s time to hang. This is a two-person job. Lift the door and shift it until the door wheels are on the metal track. Next, use the fasteners included in your kit to keep the door from wobbling once it’s installed. Finally, test it to make sure it works correctly.

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The Marfa Barn Door offers a touch of sophistication to any room. Keep your open concept without sacrificing your family’s privacy. Contact us and order your door today.