Door & Hardware Spotlight: Pedernales Barn Door + Waggoner Hardware Kit

Door & Hardware Spotlight: Pedernales Barn Door + Waggoner Hardware Kit

Mar 16th 2022

Barn Door Product Spotlight: Pedernales Barn Door

The Pedernales Barn Door is an amazing interior design inclusion for modern rustic or minimalistic homes. It features rustic planks of antique or reclaimed wood stuck on one or either side of a tough door core. The added wooden planks are usually made from durable kiln-dried Canadian Pine. Its engineered grade door core is sturdy and heavy to ensure long-term service. The barn door is approximately 1 to 1.5 inches thick and comes with an elegant black paint finish along the side’s edges.

Installing the Pedernales Barn Door

Pick the Hardware: Waggoner Hardware Kit

The Barndoorz Waggoner Hardware Kit complements the Pedernales sliding barn door. It comprises of:

  • Stand-off Bracket (x5)
  • C Floor Door Guide (x1)
  • Stopper (x2)
  • Roller (x2)
  • Anti-Jump (x2)
  • Bolt (x5)
  • Bolt Wall Anchor (x5)
  • 100 inch Rail (x1)
  • Installation Guide

Its hangers and tracks are available in a beautiful black finish and are made from top-quality, robust powder-coated steel. The door slides smoothly and quietly on its high-quality durometer nylon glide ball-bearing wheels. The hardware kit has a weight capacity of 220 lbs and can be painted into any desired color. We also need a screwdriver, tape measure, wrench, pencil, speed square, level, and drill bit when installing the Pedernales Barn Door.

Attach the Hardware Kit

Using the installation guide, mark the door hardware points on the barn door. Leave some space between the track and door to ensure the door slides smoothly. We can mark the interior handle a few inches from the door’s edge to enable accessibility after shutting the door.

Attach the Hangers

We need to install hangers that are at least 3 to 6 inches from the edge of the door. We can experiment with different positions to find the best fit for the application, as long as we don’t get too close to the edge. After finding the right horizontal position, we can locate the right vertical position, depending on the wheel size.

Mount the Header Board and Attach the Rail

Door rails often come with standard pre-drilled installation holes at 16-inch intervals. We need a header board above the barn door in older homes that lack properly placed rails. The most common board sizes are 1x4 or 1x6 and can be painted to match the barn door.

The rail height varies according to the header design and is approximately 2.25 inches above the door height. We need to leave 0.5-inch under the door and 1.75-inch for clearance from the rail center to the door top.

Hang the Door and Install the Floor Guide

With the rail in place, we can finally hang the barn door. Start by lifting it such that the rollers are above the rail before steadily lowering it onto the rail. Proceed to slide it back and forth to ensure proper alignment. The floor guide is crucial to preventing the barn door from swinging out of position. We can fit it into a groove at the bottom or around the sides of the door.

Choose Barndoorz

At Barndoors, we offer a variety of sliding barn doors and hardware kits at a competitive price. We can customize our designs to fit different interior designs and client needs. Check out our barn door collection and pick one today.