Five Ways of Organizing a Room to Look Bigger

Five Ways of Organizing a Room to Look Bigger

Dec 8th 2021

Organizing a room helps to make it comfortable and attractive to occupy. Small rooms are tricky to design, decorate and outfit since everything added takes up space. With a few simple décors, furniture, and paint ideas, you can make a compact room look and feel bigger. Here are several interior design-inspired tips and tricks you can use to make your room appear more spacious.

Use Mirrors

Adding mirrors is a great way to make your living space look more open and roomier. By angling the mirrors correctly, you can create the optical illusion of a spacious room. The proper placement of reflective surfaces helps produce and increase visual depth or height.

Mirrors can also reflect the artificial and natural light that brightens up your living space. Placing the mirror next to a window ensures it reflects light entering from the outside world. Other alternative placement options include having mirrored cabinet doors or adding mirrors to glass table tops and bare walls.

Utilize Light and Neutral Colors

Color has an immense impact on the overall outlook of a room. You can use neutral shades of color to make the room seem expansive. Dark color palettes tend to make rooms appear confined by absorbing light. Having a lightly shaded wall helps optimize the effect of natural light as it acts as a reflective surface.

Advisably use neutral-colored textiles and furniture to match your already lightly colored walls. Contrasting colors often break up a living space making it seem less spacious. Neutral colors like beige, off-white, and light grey also add some calmness and sophistication to a room.

Clean and Clear the Clutter

Most untidy and disorderly rooms tend to feel cramped up. Small spaces tend to clutter up quickly and require regular cleaning and organizing. Neatly arranging items or putting them out of sight ensures the space in view is open and orderly.

When organizing stuff in a small area, it is natural to use the available space optimally. Having too many items close to pathways increases the chances of bumping into them. Pushing or grouping pieces of furniture on one side of the room ensures movement is unhindered.

Utilize the Vertical and Horizontal Space

Proper vertical and horizontal space is vital when organizing a room with small floor space. The vertical space includes the space between the floor and ceiling. Arranging items on built-in vertical shelves are ideal for small rooms that save on many floor spaces.

In-swinging doors tend to take up plenty of valuable living space. An excellent alternative that will impart a modern-urban style is adding sliding barn doors. We at Barndoorz offer a variety of classic barn doors that also help save up on horizontal living space.

Embrace Minimalism

It is advisable to follow a minimalistic approach when accessorizing a small room. Try to have only the bare essentials when organizing a confined room. Having a few large items instead of numerous scattered pieces is essential to a minimalistic lifestyle.

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