How to Choose the Best Rugs for Your Home

How to Choose the Best Rugs for Your Home

A rug is an integral part of your living space- it can provide warmth and comfort, depth and design. Rugs are a great way to fill a large space or to make a small space feel more homey. They are a great way to bring art and color into any area, but the wrong choice can throw off the dynamics of the entire room. Choosing the right rug for your space can seem complicated, but these tips can help to ensure that your new rug fits with your room, your furniture, and your barn doors.


The pile of a rug refers to its thickness. In high-traffic areas such as an entryway or kitchen, a low-pile rug would be the best option. They are less about comfort and most importantly about being easy to maintain. In areas such as a living room or bedroom, where a rug is more likely to be looked at as cozy, a high-pile rug would be a great choice.


It is important to find a rug that fits the area of the room. A large rug may be used in a smaller room in order to increase the amount of comfortable space, while a big or open-concept space may be better suited for multiple smaller rugs. In a bedroom, rugs are often placed slightly under the foot of the bed to extend out into the room. In a living room, a rug may be best placed under the sofa, in which case you want to look for a rug that is the same size or slightly wider than the furniture. When a rug is placed under a dining room table, it should be large enough to fit the table and chairs comfortably in the center.


The shape of a rug is important in order for it to appropriately fit the space and be cohesive with the furniture. In areas such as the kitchen or entryway, a long and narrow rug is likely to be a good choice. The tables in the space need to be taken into consideration when choosing a rug as well, especially in a dining room or breakfast area. If the table is round, a round rug is ideal, just as a rectangular rug best goes under that shape of table. In large living spaces, either round or rectangular rugs may be appropriate.


The style of your rug needs to fit your space– whether you want it to be cohesive and neutral or bright and eye-catching. The colors and patterns available in rugs are endless and can be overwhelming. It is important to consider the overall theme of the room, as well as the colors and other decorations used throughout it. You may want your rug to stand out as a focal point, but you do not want it to seem random or misplaced.

Choosing the right rug for your space is important for the overall feel of your home. Rugs can provide an aspect of comfort or style to any room. Considering the pile, size, shape, and style of the rug is a great start to ensuring that the rug you choose adds to the design of your space.