​How to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

​How to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Pets are not just animals, they become part of the family. As such, our furry friends need special attention. They require special food, places to sleep, and exercise. Whether you have a dog, cat, or another type of pet, you can do a few simple things in your home to make it pet-friendly.

Give Them Their Own Space

Puppies and kittens especially will hide in small, often dangerous places, like an open clothes dryer. Make sure they have their own cozy little spaces where they can seek refuge. Create hazard-free zones and include a bed, fresh water, and pet-safe toys.

When it comes to litter boxes, avoid placing them near feeding areas. Try to make them private but not too isolated. Your cats need to feel safe using a litter box or they won’t use it. If you have older pets, make sure they have access to an area that is ground level and accessible. Wee pads are also a good idea to help with possible accidents. Elderly pets should be given an area on the ground level, and wee pads should be accessible.

Keep Them Entertained

Pets who have ample play time and exercise will be less likely to be bored and get into trouble. They will rest well rather than bark, meow, and whine for your attention. If you can, make a pet door with yard access. Just be sure it is fenced in or goes to a secure dog run. Unless you are home all day, many breeds need this to avoid going stir crazy. For cats, invest in cat furnishings like cat trees and other safe toys. Cats love to explore and to be up high. Give them places to go during the day. It’s also great for cats to have a buddy to play with. If you are adopting a cat, consider getting two; they will keep each other entertained.

Be sure they also have plenty of sturdy toys and treats. If you have a particularly curious pet you may want to crate train them or use a baby gate in one room of the house. You can also block off rooms and larger areas with a barn door to keep pets away from certain areas. This eliminates wandering and destruction that sometimes happens with more excitable breeds.

Keep It Clean

No matter what you do there will be messes. Pets have accidents. Do what you can to minimize the impact these have on your home. If you have the option, avoid wall-to-wall carpet. Typically, carpet absorbs pet odors and cannot hold up to pet stains and damage. Opt for finished hardwood, porcelain, or tile flooring. For throw rugs, be sure to choose washable or even indoor/outdoor rugs. Stay away from woven and jute rugs as these are attractive scratching agents for both dogs and cats.

In addition to occasional messes, pets create dirt, especially if they go outdoors. You will likely also notice shedding with your furry friends, especially on fabric furniture. Both dogs and cats lose hair daily (some breeds more than others) and even more during shedding season. Invest in a high-quality vacuum with a hand-held brush tool to reach small spaces like the crevices of sofas and under the beds. Vacuum regularly and you will be happier in your home and with your pet.

While you want your house clean, you also want your pet clean. Cats bathe themselves but any dog owner knows the joys of walking a dog in the rain only to end up with a muddy, messy dog. And, both animals require regular brushing and nail grooming. This will keep your house clean and your floors and upholstery unscratched. Remove loose hair and you won’t find it on your bed, floor, sofa or rugs. And, it is easier and more fun to give your dog a bath than it is to launder your sofa and carpet.

These are just a few ways you can make pet ownership easier and more fun for you and your pet. Our pets give us years of love and companionship, they deserve the same from us as well. For more ways to improve your home, check out our other blog articles at BarnDoorz.com/blog.