How to Paint Your Barn Door

How to Paint Your Barn Door

Mar 23rd 2022

Barn doors are a stylish rustic and contemporary interior design option for many homes. The room’s general layout and aesthetics will often determine the choice of door color. Painting a door is an easy way to meet one’s interior design needs. The fresh protective coat also imparts a personal charm to the already modern or countryside look. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to paint a sliding barn door.

Gather Essential Tools

We need the right tools to do the job properly and efficiently. A few key items needed when painting a barn door include:

  • Sandpaper or sanding block
  • Coarse haired paintbrush or gravity sprayer
  • Paint roller
  • Tarp or drop cloth
  • Acrylic paint
  • Clearcoat lacquer or polyurethane clear

Choose a Color

Picking a color for painting projects can be quite tricky as there are numerous color schemes and hues. The choice of barn door paint usually depends on the intended final look. The various shades of white, off-white, and neutral palettes are a staple for barn doors. When going for a worn or weathered look, adding a coat of color to wooden barn doors leaves a clean-cut and fashionable appeal.

We can also opt for black barn doors when making a strong statement against a white background. Creating a clear contrast also helps create a clear distinction between different rooms. A muted or distressed red color is another great option for barn doors in rustic designed homes. Once we find a color, we can proceed to the fun painting bit.

Prepare the Door and Surrounding

We need to prepare the barn door before applying any paint correctly. The presence of dust, water, oil, or grit on the door’s surface prevents the paint from properly adhering. Start by placing the barn door on a level surface with a tarp or drop cloth underneath. The tarp helps to minimize any mess by catching drips and overspray.

We have to cover and tape off all fixtures and glass windows panes on the barn door. Using sandpaper or sanding block, sand the entire door surface evenly and smoothly. Blow or wipe away any of the resulting dust.

Prime and Paint the Door

Start by applying a coat of primer to seal any pores and prepare the door for the final beautiful coat. The primer is usually white as it easily takes up the chosen color. When using a coarse-haired brush, start painting around the door edges while moving inwards. We can use a paint roller on any flat extensive door surface and later use a finishing brush to remove any roller lines. A gravity sprayer is another great painting option for a hassle-free, evenly painted barn door.

Add the Final Seal

After completely painting the door, we can apply the polyurethane coat or lacquer as the final seal. The seal enhances the door’s resistance to water and weather. Apply at least three thin layers of the clear coat at an interval of 15 minutes.

Choose Barndoorz

Barn doors are functional and stylish home additions that take up little floor space and allow seamless entry into larger spaces. Finding and adequately applying paint to them help improve their appeal. At Barndoorz, we offer a diverse collection of barn doors for different interior design styles.