More Creative Ideas for Barndoor Hardware

More Creative Ideas for Barndoor Hardware

Oct 3rd 2022

The functional and aesthetic benefits of barn doors range from allowing seamless room transition to adding a rustic touch to your space. With a little creativity and DIY enthusiasm, you can transform these versatile doors to bring functionality and style into your home. Here are a few creative ideas to get you started.

Accentuate Your Windows

Barn doors offer an amazing way to dress up your windows, especially if you’re going for a vintage, rustic look. They eliminate the need for curtains and blinds while providing all the functional and aesthetic benefits of a regular window.

You can consider resizing your barn doors to fit your windows or get custom-made smaller barn doors. They're also pretty easy to install. All you have to do is install some railing above your window, hang the barn doors, and you’re done.

Conceal Crawl Spaces

Unused crawl spaces can take the elegance out of any room. And even if you do use them, you wouldn’t want everyone to see what you've stored unless they're properly arranged decorations.

In case you have a crawl space that you’re not quite sure what to do with, why not dress it up with a barn door? Cut the barn doors to just the right size to cover the crawl space, get creative with your colors, and viola! You have a functional decorative piece.

Keep Appliances Out of Sight

Appliances like dishwashers and washing machines are must-haves in a lot of homes. But, they’re not quite aesthetically pleasing. If you have any appliances around your home that don’t exactly fit, why not tuck them behind a barn door? The sliding mechanism will give you easy access to your appliances while maintaining a carefully curated look for your space.

Revamp Your Walk-In Closet

Walk-in closets and barn doors are a match made in heaven. This awesome combination is practical and makes sense from an aesthetic point of view. Unlike conventional swinging doors, barn doors save on floor space and improve your bedroom’s look and feel.

How About a Little Extra Privacy?

Patios and large glass doors are great, but they don’t help much in privacy. Adding a pair of sliding doors on your patio or in front of your glass doors will give you more privacy and provide an extra security feature. Barn doors also allow for a quick and smooth transition to your outdoor space.

Sliding Garage Doors

Sliding garage doors provide an unexpected design twist. They are functional, look great, and can match any home's design. They also make a good alternative when traditional garage door designs don’t quite suit your home’s design.

Ready to Get Creative With Barn Doors?

Considering the sheer versatility of barn doors, you can never run out of creative ideas to use them. You can add a pair of barn doors to any open space in your home and watch them transform into a functional decorative piece. Check out our catalog for a wide range of stylish and customized designs to fit your style and preference.