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New Year, New Door? 5 Ideas to Repurpose an Old Barn Door

New Year, New Door? 5 Ideas to Repurpose an Old Barn Door

Jan 13th 2021

Perhaps you’ve upgraded to a new barn door in your home over the holidays or maybe an upcoming remodel has you left with an extra barn door. Either way, if you have an old barn door that you don’t know what to do with, don’t worry, we’ve got ideas for you! Whether it’s old and weathered or relatively new but not your style, barn doors provide some great material for DIY projects. Keep reading to learn five surprising ways to repurpose a barn door.

1. Make a Headboard

The size of the average barn door makes it an excellent choice for a rustic, charming headboard. Even the least weather-proof old door can be turned into a statement piece for your bedroom. A simple paint or stain job and some headboard mounting hardware make this a project you can complete in an afternoon.

2. Create a Unique Table

If you want something a little more functional, barn doors can be converted into stylish tables. Barn doors are a great choice for kitchen tables or even countertops. They are sturdy and have already shown that they can handle a lot. Whether you decide to leave your barn door’s current finish or restore it to something new and fresh, it can change up your kitchen entirely.

3. Cut Down into Shutters

Not every barn door needs to be used in one piece. A barn door can be converted into a set of stylish shutters for inside or outside your home without much hassle. Whether you choose to use hinges and set up exterior shutters or install handsome sliding shutters inside, these window coverings are a great way to add some country charm to your home.

4. Divide a Room with Style

Open floor plans have their appeal, but sometimes you may want a little more separation in your space. A pair of sliding barn doors can help you divide your living space quickly and effectively without sacrificing the open feeling. Simply slide the doors open when you want a wider space, and pull them shut when you’re looking for an intimate cottage feeling. Sliding barn doors are also a perfect choice for saving space in narrow hallways.

5. Display as Wall Art

Statement walls and gallery walls are a growing trend in many circles. If you’re looking to make a statement that displays your love of the country, using a barn door as wall art can be an excellent choice. They make an impression without becoming a visual distraction; unlike other statement wall choices, they’re also easy to bring with you if you move.

Ready to take your old barn door from a nuisance to a unique home fixture? At Barndoorz, we can help. Whether you’re looking for hardware to convert a barn door you already have or you want some barn doors that have been created just for you, we have the experience and supplies you need. 

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