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Upgrading your master bath doesn't have to be a painful, money-draining process. Installing tiled walls, steam showers, and sparkling new fixtures sounds appealing, but is hard on the pocketbook. Instead, try these targeted upgrades to create that dream spa, striking minimalist space, or indoor-outdoor retreat you've been yearning for. Upscale Finishes Sometimes a little adds up to a lot. If you don’t want to spring for a shower encased… Read more
Art nouveau design style originated in Paris and London and had the most influence in the late-19th and early-20th centuries. As opposed to the more restrained design movements in the mid-19th century, art nouveau encourages decorative elements, even in the most unexpected places. The hallmarks of the art nouveau style include flowing lines and floral motifs that are inspired by nature. It is also characterized by an appreciation for hand-ma… Read more
Sliding barn doors are an excellent way to add definition and style to a room, but how do you add these functional pieces of art to a modern space? With the clean lines, glass, and stainless steel found in the Beverly and the Metro. The Beverly Modern Barn Door Barn doors typically carry a vintage, rustic charm, but the Beverly combines all the elements of modern design. Simple, crisp lines, a clean face, natural materials, and a… Read more
The Bauhaus design style is named after the Bauhaus, an art and design school founded in the Weimar Republic (modern-day Germany) in 1919. The school itself only existed for a little over a decade, but its impacts have been felt in the interior design space for over a century. The design school encouraged students to treat functional items — from chairs to teapots — with the same care as fine art. In fact, Walter Gropius, the school’s founde… Read more

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