​The Best Barn Doors for The Modern Farmhouse Vibe

​The Best Barn Doors for The Modern Farmhouse Vibe

Oct 24th 2023

Modern farmhouse style harmonizes the rustic charm of the countryside with the sleek elegance of contemporary design. This style emphasizes comfort, functionality, and warmth, echoing a timeless aesthetic. Within this design framework, barn doors serve as an intriguing focal point, connecting spaces while adding a dash of rural sophistication. The following barn doors exemplify the essence of modern farmhouse design, encapsulating versatility, durability, and artistic craftsmanship.

1. Enchanted Rock Barn Door

The Enchanted Rock Barn Door is an popular choice within the BarnCraft Rustic Farmhouse Series. Distinguished by herringbone pattern, it has an engineered door core for supreme strength and features rustic real wood planks sourced from kiln-dried Canadian Pine. This door, approximately 1-1/2" thick, comes pre-finished, with side edges painted black, available in four widths and three heights.

2. Guadalupe Barn Door

Belonging to the same BarnCraft Rustic Farmhouse series, the Guadalupe Barn Door features a classic design with its horizontal pattern. It combines the rugged charm of rustic planks and the durability of an engineered door core. Approximately 1-1/2" thick, this dense, heavy, and long-lasting door is available in three widths and three heights, presenting a seamless blend of functionality and design aesthetics.

3. Pedernales Barn Door

The Pedernales Barn Door offers a modern vertical pattern, contrasting with its rustic planks. It emerges from the combination of an engineered door core and kiln-dried Canadian Pine. This pre-finished door injects a contemporary edge into the farmhouse setting.

4. Mid Rail Plank Barn Door

The BarnCraft Barn Door Series introduces the Mid Rail Plank Barn Door, crafted from Rustic Knotty Alder and BarnWood Knotty Alder. This door perfectly blends the rustic and modern with horizontal rails adorned with striking rivet details. You can choose for it to be finished or unfinished and it can be customized with various hardware options to fit your design style.

5. Z Barn Door

The Z Barn Door, another exquisite piece from the BarnCraft Barn Door Series, marries vertical planks with horizontal rails, interconnected by a diagonal rail to formulate a ‘Z’ pattern. Available in assorted sizes and finishes, this door offers unique but familiar design that fits perfectly with modern farmhouse interior design.

Additional Benefits of Doors from Barndoorz.com

All these doors can seamlessly pair with Barndoorz hardware for a cohesive appearance, elevating the visual continuity within the modern farmhouse look. Every door includes Liftgate services during delivery for convenience. Additional door options such as a privacy lock, soft-close option, and header board option, allow homeowners to tailor the doors to their specific needs and preferences.

Constructed from high-quality materials like Canadian Pine and Knotty Alder, these doors assure longevity and durability, while their engineered cores contribute to enhanced strength. The availability in varying dimensions and the customizable hardware options ensure that these doors can be adeptly incorporated into diverse spatial contexts, underscoring their functionality and versatility.


Modern farmhouse interior design has become popular due to the beauty of blending the rustic and the contemporary. Each of these doors, with their distinctive pattern and durable construction, brings a unique charm to interiors, making them essential for those wanting to achieve this look. Shop Barndoorz.com today and configure your perfect Modern Farmhouse door.