​What’s New at BarnDooz: Antique Barn Door Collection

​What’s New at BarnDooz: Antique Barn Door Collection

BarnDoorz.com is the premier online store offering BarnCraft barn doors and hardware at a great price. We craft each BarnCraft barn door with great care, attention to detail, and traditional craftsmanship. At BarnDoorz, it is our mission to bring you a premium product at a competitive price. And, we always look to bring you more choices, more design options, and more character in your home.

We are excited to announce our new limited collection, Antique Barn Door Collection. This collection is a true gem and features statement-making 19th century French Colonial doors sourced in Egypt. Each antique door is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece with exquisite natural weathering.

The Antique Barn Door Collection has four varieties. The Antique Single Barn Door and three selections of The Antique Double Barn Doors, two of which boast beautiful hand forged wrought iron. All doors are made with solid wood and contain a lead-based paint sealed with a satin clear coat finish. Each door has minor chips, missing pieces, and peeling paint or cracks. These imperfections, reminders of the doors’ sweeping history, add to their special charm and beauty.

We present these antique doors to you as both elegant and practical interior design pieces. As such, we include hardware options for this collection. These include black, stainless steel Slade, gage, or no hardware, depending on your preference. All hardware options come with the 100" rail and a set of extra rollers to hang doors. If you purchase a hardware kit, we will pre-drill the holes into the doors which makes for easy hanging.

An Antique Barn Door will indeed make a stylish statement in your home, while also adding value to your property. A recent study found that homes listed for sale with “barn doors” included in their description sold nearly 2 months faster and for 13% more than expected. Sliding barn doors are also space savers. They take up less room when opening and they can be used to section off a space to create an office nook, guest room, or formal dining area. Finally, barn doors save energy. Close off rooms when not in use and save on heating and cooling costs. The addition of a barn door is not just an aesthetic win.

The Antique Barn Doors are truly one-of-a-kind and in limited supply. If you have any questions about this new collection or would like to see detailed photos of the Antique Barn Door Collection, please fill out the contact us form. We are also here to answer any questions you may have about which barn door is right for your home.