​ Barn Door Configurations Explained

​ Barn Door Configurations Explained

Feb 2nd 2022

Sliding barn doors are an impressive and modern interior design option for homes and businesses. The rolling barn doors have several useful applications as they enhance the aesthetics and functionality of different living spaces. These functional art pieces enable seamless transitions into different rooms and are available in different door configurations. Each operational option has its unique pros and specific uses. Here is an insight into the different functions and qualities of the most popular sliding barn door configurations.

The Standard Sliding Door Configuration

Our standard sliding door conformation is one of the top trending barn doors at Barndoorz. We have one door track fixed to the ceiling or wall in this door configuration. The rolling barn door opens and closes by simply sliding to one side. Standard sliding barn doors are easy to operate and amazingly fashionable.

Unlike conventional swinging doors, they save up on floor space, making them a great installation to small living spaces. However, standard rolling doors need ample wall space at the door’s entrance. When opened, the door usually slides off to the side and in front of the wall. We need to ensure the track system is at least double the size of the door’s width before installation to ensure smooth operation.

The Double or Bi-Parting Door Configuration

The double sliding door configuration is quite similar to the standard door system as there are one or two-door tracks fixed to the ceiling or wall. The size and weight of the door determine whether you’ll need a single or double-track system. Instead of the single door in the standard sliding door, we have two-door slabs in the Bi-Parting system. The door slabs open by rolling away from each other and close by rolling towards each other.

Since the door slabs need to open by sliding over the wall next to it, this door configuration also needs ample wall space. One of the major pros of the Bi-Parting door is its capacity to cover large entrances sufficiently. The double door system is ideally used for opening into big rooms like the living room, master bedroom, or office space. It is thus an excellent option for improving the interior design and functionality of the space.

The Bypassing Door Configuration

The Bypass sliding door configuration comprises a set of two or more different racks, with one rack being in front of the other. The door close and open by sliding over each other and essentially bypassing one another on their respective racks. In this mechanism, the doors do not cover the wall next to the frame when opening and don’t need ample wall space. It is ideal for homes with narrow wall space and wide doorways. The barn door can provide the perfect rustic aesthetic and privacy between the master bedroom and adjoining bathroom.

Choose Barndoorz

At Barndoorz, we offer a variety of sliding barn door configurations in different materials like metal, wood, and glass. There are also different hardware styles, handles, fittings, fixtures, and finishes to choose from. Check out our barn door collection and pick out one that fits your interior design style.