The Bypass door installation may be used when there is INSUFFICIENT wall space to the right AND/OR the left of the wall opening for a traditional barn door installation. A double bypass installation uses two rolling door tracks instead of one.  The second door track is cantilevered in front of the first track. So the doors roll in front and behind of each other.

For a Double Bypass door installation, you will need 2 doors, 2 rolling door hardware kits plus 1 of these Bypass Rail Bracket Kits (5 brackets per kit). For a Quadruple Bypass door installation, you will need 4 doors, 4 rolling door hardware kits, plus 2 of these bypass rail bracket kits. 

Bypass Bracket Kits are in stock and ready to ship the next business day from your order. 

Bypass Rail Bracket Kit Features:

  • 5 Brackets per kit
  • Available in Black Finish and Stainless Steel

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Bypass Bracket Kit

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