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The Patent pending Houdini Hardware™ features concealed rollers and rail, creating an uber-modern minimalist appearance. This system can be mounted and installed in 1 hour. All of the weight of the door is on the floor instead of hanging on the wall. Anodized black aluminum top rail and bottom door boot. Two soft-closing dampers. The wall-mounted Door Support Guide features an adjustment feature to raise the Guide to ensure a perfect fit between the Rollers and the Door Rail. Since the door rolls on the floor, this system is not compatible with most carpet. Only a tightly weaved carpet is compatible with this hardware.This hardware has been cycle-tested to 20,000 cycles. Download Installation instructions HERE.

Premium Features:

• Entire system installs onto door & wall in less than 1 hour for basic installation

• Door Boot can be recessed into bottom edge of door or quickly surface mounted

• 2 lengths available: Choice of 36” or 48”

• Rails/Boots may be trimmed to fit the exact width of your door up to 48” wide.

• May be installed as a single door or a double door

• Weight capacity of door: 175 lbs.

• Houdini Hardware Kit includes all parts listed below and installation guide


The patented Houdini Hardware™ features concealed rails and rollers — this hardware is not visible on the wall, as it is mounted at the bottom edge and the back top edge of the door. Wheels mounted at the bottom of the rolling/sliding door roll directly on the floor, and carry 100% of the weight of the door. Since the door rolls on the floor, this system is not compatible with most carpet. Only a tightly weaved carpet is compatible with this hardware. A Door Support Guide is easily mounted on the wall, and is not visible even when the door is fully open or fully closed. An aluminum door track is mounted on the back of the door at the top edge. This Houdini Hardware requires doors that are 1-3/8” to 1-3/4” in thickness and no more than 48” wide with a weight of less than 175 pounds. Order two Houdini hardware kits for a double door installation. The Door Support Guide mounts on the wall at the top of the rolling door. Two rollers guide the door and keep it attached to the wall. The Door Support Guide is 5.9” wide and features a vertical adjustment knob and two safety anti-jump guides to keep the door secured to the wall. This Guide mounts to the wall with 6 fasteners. The Houdini Hardware also features 2 Soft-Close Dampers that will engage when opening and closing the door.

BEFORE INSTALLATION: Ensure your door slab is parallel with the wall. The wall mount from the kit may need to be shimmed to allow for equal spacing between the back of door and surface of wall in both open and closed positions


Door size depends upon the desired final appearance of the user. The Door Boot (which includes the wheels) may be mounted ON the bottom of the door or IN the bottom of the door  The Wall Support may be mounted overlapping the opening making the door handle accessible on the back side of the door. Or the Wall Support Guide may be located aligned with or even spaced back from the edge of the door opening to allow the door to open to the full width or further than the wall opening. Refer to the online installation instructions for the Houdini Hardware for specific guidelines. And door size also depends upon if your wall opening is surrounded by decorative casing or molding. (Casing cannot be more than 1” deep).


Determine the minimum door width: Two options - either the door opens to with full width of the wall opening, or the door can partially cover a portion of the wall opening. (For instance - for a bathroom door, you may want 4 to 6 inches of door remaining accessible after opening to easily access the door pull from the bathroom side of the door).

To calculate door width to open exposing the full wall opening, then measure the distance of the wall opening and add 8” (wall opening width + 8” = minimum door width. The door can be wider than this). Example: If the wall opening is 30”, then a door size of at least 38” will be needed. 


For a Partially Open application, it is recommended that the width of the door is at least 8” greater than the width of the door opening. However, this application can be adjusted to a common width of the door. For example, if the wall opening is 30”, then a door size of at least 38” will be needed. A 36” wide door can be used by placing the edge of the door 2” into the opening. This will decrease the opening size from 30” to 28”. 


Determine the minimum door height:

For a Door Boot mounted ON (and not IN) the bottom edge of the door, measure between the finished floor and the top frame, then add 1” (height of the floor to the frame + 1” = minimum door height).  IF your door opening has decorative casing, then measure from the floor to the top of the casing and add 1” for the minimum door height. 

For a completely hidden and concealed hardware appearance, then mount the Door Boot INSIDE (and not ON) the bottom edge of the door. This requires routing an edge-to-edge slot in the bottom of the 1-3/4” thick door. To determine the door height for this installation, measure between the finished floor and the top frame, then add 3” (height of frame + 3” = minimum door height). IF your door opening has decorative casing, then measure from the floor to the top of the casing, and add 3” for the minimum door height.



For all doors, Liftgate services are included. **FEDEX Freight delivers curbside. Assembled doors arrive in a large box. Customers are responsible for transporting the door package from delivery truck to location.

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    I ordered two set of Houdini barn doors for my home. My main concern when shopping for the perfect door was quality as well as functionality. I haven’t installed them yet, but they are really well made. I work in manufacturing and am pleased with the parts I received. Installation instructions are well written and packaged perfectly. I will update my review after they are installed.

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    I ordered the Houdini hardware kit for our Master Bath. Sure easy to install- great tutorials on their site and easy to follow documentation. Installs quickly and glides smoothly. Getting ready to order another one for another bathroom in our home.

  • 5

    The quality is excellent and I love it for my space. I plan on buying them in the future for my spaces. If you purchase the doors through them, they install the hardware . Huge selling point for me because I’m handy , but lack some tools.

    Joel Moriarty
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