Door Spotlight: Quick Ship Door Kit

Door Spotlight: Quick Ship Door Kit

Feb 7th 2023

Are you looking forward to installing a rustic chic barn door in your home? Then you probably won’t want to wait weeks for one to ship to your door. At the same time, it can be difficult to transport an entire barn door and hardware from the store to your home. That’s why if you’re looking for a quick solution, the Quick Ship Door Kit from BarnDoorz is the perfect choice. This door kit is always in stock and ready to ship the next business day.

Is the Quick Ship Door Kit right for you? Learn all about it in today’s barn door product spotlight.

What’s Included in the Quick Ship Door Kit?

Inside the Quick Ship Door Kit, you will find everything you need to install a quality, versatile, interior barn door. It includes:

  • One knotty pine barn door — 7 or 8’ tall and 36” wide — with two profiles, ready to paint. Slide 1 has a mid-rail design while Slide 2 has a one-panel design.
  • A black Slade Hardware kit including all the hardware you need to install the door: one 78 ¾” long steel rail and hardware to mount the door.
  • A matching unfinished header to secure the mounting and make for an easier installation.
  • Bonus wooden parts sanded and pre-cut to configure doors in any barn door design.

All of this comes in one smart package, made to fit in one secure box. The door itself will take up most of the box, while all hardware components are individually packaged and packed neatly inside.

Why Should You Buy the Quick Ship Door Kit?

Just like the rest of our door spotlight blogs, we understand that different products will speak to different people. So how do you know if the Quick Ship Door Kit is the right choice for you? You may enjoy this door if any of the following statements apply to you.

You want your interior barn door sooner rather than later. These doors are kept in stock so that they can be ready to ship the next business day after being ordered. That means they’ll reach you in a matter of days rather than weeks.

You enjoy a DIY project. This Quick Ship Door Kit offers you everything you need to install an interior barn door and add a touch of farmhouse chic to your home. You get to put it together yourself. The bonus wooden parts can even be used to customize or create new barn doors. The kit gives you the equipment you need, but you still have the pride of doing it yourself.

You want to be more eco-friendly in your shipping. Rather than receiving your barn door in one box and all the hardware separately, everything comes in one cleverly packaged box. This cuts down on packaging waste for eco-conscious remodelers.

Want a Quick Ship Door Kit? Order One Today From BarnDoorz

Our Quick Ship Door Kit is part of our collection of BarnCraft interior doors, all with their own standout style and customizability. Check out our shop today to find the right interior barn doors for you.